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Conor McGregor could return in controversial new sport if ‘one thing happens'

Conor McGregor could return in controversial new sport if ‘one thing happens'

Conor McGregor last fought in the UFC in 2021.

Conor McGregor could return in a controversial new sport if one thing happens.

McGregor is one of the biggest stars in the world of MMA and UFC, he boasts a record of 22 wins out of 28 fights, with 19 coming via knockout.

However, the Irishman has lost his previous two fights against Dustin Poirier, in January and July of 2021.

Now, there have been reports that McGregor could join the BKFC, which is the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

BKFC boss David Feldman has spoken about the possibility of McGregor’s involvement, saying that one thing that might need to happen.

As reported by Daily Star, Feldman said: “The only chance is if we do create a great relationship with the UFC and they want to do something together, but other than that I don't see it ever happening.

“He is UFC. But he loves it [BKFC], and that's why I think he got his company to do a partnership with us, with Forged Irish Stout. They're gonna be the sponsor, and he's gonna be the ambassador.”

He added: “That was a big, big win for us. You might go watch a concert and say, 'That concert was great,' and then you're done talking about it.

“But to know [McGregor] came to our event, he loved it, he was talking about it for days and weeks afterwards, and now we're able to forge a partnership means we have something special. And when the biggest figure in combat sports puts his stamp on it, I think that's a great thing for us.”


Back in December, McGregor said: “Get me back in there. The Mac has lots to offer and loads to deliver.

“For all the figures I’ve brought in this game, I sell more than all of them combined.”

He added: “No one in the history of the fight game has been treated the way I’ve been getting treated at this minute.

“From what I came through, to what I bring. They f****** should open the floodgates for me. I’m waiting! And my patience is wearing thin on me waiting.”

Featured Image Credit: Phil Lambert BKFC/Conor McGregor Instagram

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