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'F**king joke': UFC world reacts to announcement of Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul

'F**king joke': UFC world reacts to announcement of Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul

The blockbuster fight has garnered a mixed reaction from the combat sports world.

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz are on a collision course to face each other inside the boxing ring and not everyone is chuffed at the prospect.

The ‘Problem Child’ announced his return to the ring against the former UFC fighter on August 5 in an eight-round bout at a catchweight of 185lbs.

The 26-year-old has relentlessly called out the Stockton slugger, who fought out his UFC contract when he beat Tony Ferguson last year.

Meanwhile, Paul is coming off the first defeat of his young career to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia back in February.

It was his first true test against a professional boxer and now it looks as though he’s back to fighting mixed martial artists.

Although, you’d have to believe that Diaz is still in the prime of his combat sports career.

The pair have been at odds for a while now with Nate reportedly slapping the former YouTuber backstage before his fight against Anderson Silva.

Ariel Helwani reported at the team: “When I was in the back I saw the Diaz team and the Paul team get into it.

“Big scuffle. Pushes. Got physical and drinks were thrown. Over 20 people involved. Almost got ugly but they broke it up and then the Diaz team weren’t seen again.”

Now, the first man to defeat Conor McGregor in UFC will have the chance to put his hands of Paul in front of the entire world.

But the announcement has certainly garnered a mixed reaction from the UFC and combat sports worlds.

Sean Strickland wasn’t impressed tweeting: “Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz such a f**king joke.

“I’m not hating on either for making money off this clown show I’m hating on the fact a RETIRED 155er is fighting a juiced tiktoker at 185 who lost to a recreational boxer Tommy Fury. STOP WATCHING THIS BS!! IT NEEDS TO DIE.”

Whilst Dillon Danis wrote: “Jake Paul loses to the only ‘pro’ boxer that’s his age & weight class who is actually terrible and immediately returns to boxing retired smaller MMA fighters with CTE.”

A former Jake Paul opponent, Ben Askren, claimed that ‘Nate fans are going to cry so hard when Jake beats him’.

However, others were quick to point out that while Diaz’s background is in MMA he has been training with boxers for years.

MMA fighter Paul Redmond said: “Tommy Fury finessed JP handy, Nate spars real boxers the last 15 years, has a granite chin, and cardio for days... Why am I seeing alot of people post a handy win for Jake Paul? Am I missing something??”

Meanwhile, others were more than excited at the prospect.

UFC’s Sean O’Malley tweeted: “Omg Diaz Vs Paul. Holy f**k boys I’m hyped.”

Kevin Gastelum added: “I’ll tune into any Diaz fight.”

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