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Nate Diaz Is 'Crazy' And A 'Psychopath' According To UFC Champion

Nate Diaz Is 'Crazy' And A 'Psychopath' According To UFC Champion

Diaz's attitude has made him a fan favourite in UFC and one of the promotion's champions clearly feels the same about the welterweight.

Nate Diaz is one of the most popular UFC fighters around and UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has perfectly summed up why, calling him 'crazy.'

Diaz is an absolute brawler with a never say die attitude, it's exactly why he was the one who came up with the 'Baddest Motherf****er' title, and fought Jorge Masvidal for it.

The 36-year-old doesn't always leave his fighting in the octagon either, and his antics outside of the fight game often make for entertaining stories too.

He was recently at Jake Paul's victory over Tyron Woodley when he hilariously made a bare knuckle fighter fling his beer everywhere by throwing a fake punch.

Now Ngannou has perfectly summed up the Stockton born fighter, saying that the welterweight is a 'psychopath.'

"Nate Diaz? Man, I don’t know how to describe Nate Diaz," the heavyweight champ said on his YouTube channel when asked how to describe Diaz.

"I think he’s just a psychopath.

Sounds like Ngannou likes Diaz as much as the fans. Image: PA Images
Sounds like Ngannou likes Diaz as much as the fans. Image: PA Images

"He’s just crazy. He doesn’t give a s*** about anything. And I love that part of him, you know. 

"He’s just there to fight, have fun. He doesn’t care if he wins… or if he loses, you know.

"He just wants to have fun, enjoy and nobody could tell him what to do. He does exactly what he wants to do. That’s it. [He] doesn’t care at all."

Diaz's next, and potential last opponent seeing as he only has one fight left on his UFC contract, is not yet known following the collapse of talks over a fight with Dustin Poirier.

The man who has twice fought Conor McGregor in classic fights has been targeted by Jake Paul as a potential opponent, although Masvidal was the name mentioned in the YouTubers challenge to UFC president Dana White.

Ngannou knows exactly who his next opponent is, as he awaits his first heavyweight title defence against Cyril Gane at UFC 270 this month.

The Predator has recently asked for a clause that would allow him to take part in a boxing match and was then beefing with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury on social media.

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