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Bizarre two vs one MMA fight ends in chaos as referee joins in and KOs fighter

Bizarre two vs one MMA fight ends in chaos as referee joins in and KOs fighter

A bizarre MMA fight in Romania saw the referee get involved in a two versus one bout.

An MMA fight in Romania ended with the referee getting involved after a bizarre two versus one encounter.

RXF (Real Extreme Fighting) is the largest MMA promotion in Roma and it certainly lives up to its name.

The company recently held an event called RXF Gala and it saw Alexandru Bobicioiu go up against Meci Cedy and Dustinel at the same time.

Naturally, the pair used their numerical advantage and teamed up on Bobicioiu.

One got him in a submission while the other unloaded with strikes and even aimed a kick to the backside.

But the referee was not having the double team and when Dustinel came back to continue his attack, the referee, Yamato Zaharia, stepped in and shoved him to the canvas.

He then put him on the deck once more when he sprinted back over and proceeded to catch him with a brutal slap across the face.

Security entered the cage and Dustinel was forcibly removed by official Zaharia in the wild scenes.

The contest then became one on one but Cedy gave him very quickly, much to the frustration of Bobicioiu.

Speaking afterwards, he said: "I'm very disappointed because the fight wasn't finished and there will probably be a replay of this match. I have to fight them. Dustinal was disqualified, Cedy abandoned, so clearly I had to win, not to cancel the match."

Image: RXF
Image: RXF

There were some suspicions that Dustinel was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, explaining his erratic behaviour.

Bobicioiu added: "I don't know exactly if he was drunk or consumed substances, I have no idea, I don't care, but so be it. [The referee] warned him twice and then disqualified him.

"Cedy was angry that he kicked Dustinel out under the conditions in which it was normal to be disqualified, he abandoned the fight, he didn't want to fight me anymore."

Featured Image Credit: RXF

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