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Fans think Kamaru Usman nailed the Birmingham accent during his latest trash-talk

Fans think Kamaru Usman nailed the Birmingham accent during his latest trash-talk

At the press conference, Usman began mimicking Edwards' coaches during their last fight.

The trash-talk between Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards has already begun ahead of their huge title bout at UFC 286.

And upon hearing the duo go back-and-forth, fans reckon the former welterweight champion has absolutely nailed the English accent while trying to get under Edwards' skin.


In contrast to other personalities on the UFC roster, both Usman and Leon Edwards are normally pretty tight-slipped prior to their fights.

While many do anything they possibly can to try and sell the card, these two gentlemen tend to let their fighting inside the octagon do the talking.

So when the pair started exchanging heated verbals at the UFC 286 press conference in London, fans were taken aback.

"What's your excuse for the first fight?" Usman asked.

To which Edwards replied: "What was your excuse for the f**king head kick you got?"

The response was met with a loud cheer from the crowd before Usman rebuttled.

"There's no excuse," he said.

"Beautiful technique. My hand came down and you landed it.

"What was your excuse for the three rounds before that getting your head beat in?"

Usman then did his best attempt to replicate Edwards' corner dishing out advice during their second bout.

Mimicking the Birmingham accent, he yelled: "Come on Rocky! Come on Rocky!

"You're letting him bully you son! You're getting bullied son! Don't let him bully you son!

"Get your head outta your a**, Rocky!"

While you can tell tensions were beginning to boil over, overall it made for a pretty hilarious interaction.

And when the footage from their exchange was aired, the first thing people were talking about was Usman's flawless Brummie accent.

MMA reporter Chamatkar Sandhu tweeted: "Kamaru Usman has actually nailed the accent to be fair."

Replying to Sandhu, one person said: "Usman lowkey hilarious."

While another added: "Usman got the accent!"

As a third responded, saying: "Usman 1-0."

Speaking at the UFC 286 media day, Usman was asked about whether fans still think he's technically the champ given the circumstances of his defeat.

“I can’t say that,” Usman told reporters.

“He has the belt, so by definition he’s called the champion. He’s the champion. I don’t know. That’s for (people) to decide. I don’t know how people view him. But between him and I, we know. We know. I can’t really speak for everybody else, but he is the champion, because he has that belt.

“But Saturday I’m going to take that off of him. That’s truly my focus. I mean, he landed a beautiful kick. It was beautiful.

“It was a beautiful technique, great win from him, but it’s time for me to go in there and get violent.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/UFC

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