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Dustin Poirier brutally slaps fan over ‘Your wife’s in my DMs’ sign

Dustin Poirier brutally slaps fan over ‘Your wife’s in my DMs’ sign

The fan held up a sign that annoyed Dustin Poirier

MMA star Dustin Poirier was captured slapping a fan after the man held up a star which said ‘Your wife’s in my DMs’

Back in 2021, after his last fight with Irish MMA star Conor McGregor, the Irishman screamed ‘Your wife is in my DMs’ towards Poirier.

That comment angered Poirier and has been a source of memes for fans.

During the Youngsville Mardi Gras parade last weekend, Poirier and his wife were seen riding in a jeep when a fan approached them with a sign which had ‘Hey Dustin, your wife’s in my DMs.’ You can watch the footage below.

As soon as the sign attracted the attention of Poirier, he leant towards the man, held out his hand, drew back and appeared to slap the fan in the face.

The fan responded by showing Poirier the middle finger, which angered the American even more, who tried to stop the car to take the confrontation further.

However, Poirier’s wife was on hand to calm him down and instructed the driver to continue driving forwards.

Fans were quick to react to the incident.

One said: “What an absolute melon, Dustin should’ve slapped him harder.”

Another tweeted: “People are actually mad at Dustin for this. In my opinion, he should've gotten out of the car and broken his nose.”

A third fan added: “Rules to live by, don’t mess with a man’s family or money and you won’t get hurt.”


Someone else wrote: “Dude should be glad they didn’t let Dustin get off that truck.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “Imagining if Dustin got off the car and just knocked the dude out in front of the whole parade.”

In his career, Poirier has been involved in 37 MMA bouts, winning 29, and losing seven with one recorded as no contest.

His last victory came back in November when he beat Michael Chandler, he won the fight via a rear-naked choke submission in the third round.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@TheArtOfWar6

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