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Wealdstone Raider says he was put in a coma after being punched while running for bus

Wealdstone Raider says he was put in a coma after being punched while running for bus

Gordon Hill opened up about the worst things he's been through during his viral fame.

The Wealdstone Raider says he was knocked out and put in a coma after being punched in the head while running for a bus.

Gordon Hill, 56, became an overnight viral sensation in 2013, when a fan filmed him uttering the soon-to-be-famous catchphrases "You want some? I'll give it ya" and "You've got no fans" during a clash between Whitehawk and Wealdstone.

He would soon build a reputation for light-heartedly insulting celebrities, as well as his music career.

Hill raised over £500,000 for charity after releasing a single called "Got No Fans" – a song that reached number five in the Christmas charts. But he would also go through some seriously tough times following his viral moment.

In an interview with VICE, the builder by trade opened up on the worst things he'd been through as a result of the video.

"I had to deal with death threats," he said. "Someone put my phone number on Twitter. It was constant hate. Trolls and death threats. I had to change my phone number."

He added: "There are some horrible people out there. I’ve been assaulted. I got knocked out and put in a coma. I had a bleed on the brain. It’s not all champagne and red carpets."

Hill was then asked to explain what happened when he was knocked out and put in a coma.

"That was a couple of months after it all kicked off," he remembers. "I was knocked out running for a bus. Some bloke decided to punch me in the head. I was within 12 hours of having a brain operation."

Image credit: YouTube/ LADbible
Image credit: YouTube/ LADbible

The 56-year-old, who says he doesn't mind posing for pictures with members of the public, goes on to admit that fame has affected his love life.

He added: "Another time, I went to the darts at the Alexandra Palace. I was meant to have a minder with me, but he was worse than useless. It wasn’t intentional, but the crowd almost pushed me over a barrier. It was a 20, 30-foot drop.

"It got to a stage where I didn’t want to go out. I don’t mind being asked for pictures, but when you’re out with friends you can’t have a conversation.

"This isn’t a moan, but people don’t know that you have a private life. I was seeing a girl when it first started, and she just couldn’t handle it. It was too much for her."

Hill also says he came close to having a nervous breakdown on "a few occasions".

Featured Image Credit: LADbible/Twitter

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