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Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira and Gary Neville break down what really happened during Highbury tunnel bust-up

Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira and Gary Neville break down what really happened during Highbury tunnel bust-up

Manchester United will come up against Arsenal at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon, so what better way to get in the mood.

Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira have broken down exactly what happened during their Highbury tunnel bust-up in 2005.

The pair were bitter rivals during their Premier League careers, with Keane Manchester United captain and Vieira captaining Arsenal.

One incident 16 years ago nearly saw them come to blows after Vieira confronted Gary Neville in a heated exchange.

All three men were in the studio for ITV's Euro 2020 coverage on Wednesday evening and it meant a definitive version of the story could be told.

"What started all this? Roy losing his temper!" Vieira joked.

"Before that? There was a rivalry between the two clubs and as an Arsenal player, you wanted to play against the best and at that time it was United.

"It was challenging, very difficult, and Gary here, one of his strengths was intimidating players.

"At that time, I was getting frustrated at the number of fouls on our players. As the captain, I wanted to put him under a little bit of pressure."

Presenter Mark Pougatch then turned his attention to Neville, asking how things played out from his perspective.

"So before we got in the tunnel to go out for the game, coming in for the warm-up, he's chasing me up the tunnel screaming at me!" Neville said.

"So I go into the changing room and sit down next to Denis Irwin, saying 'Vieira's a bit annoyed, he's just chased me up the tunnel.'

"I sat next to Denis here and Roy was next to Denis, so Roy heard that."

Keane then interjected with: "To be honest, I was trying to mind my own business. Honestly, I was just focused on the game, quite calm, getting in the zone.

"Gary was a little bit upset, he seemed a little bit worried. I told Gary to just forget about it and focus on the game.

"But of course, Patrick wouldn't let it go. Typical Arsenal bully. Then he started again in the tunnel just before the game started and that's when I got a little irritated."

Keane's face told the whole story, he was acting like it all unfolded yesterday.

United went on to win that game 4-2 and it was one of the final chapters in an intense rivalry.

Vieira would leave Arsenal for Juventus that summer, while Keane left United the following November.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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