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Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou opens up on his love for Football Manager and Freddy Adu

Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou opens up on his love for Football Manager and Freddy Adu

Ange Postecoglou lifted the Champions League with Southend on Football Manager.

Ange Postecoglou has opened up on the highs and lows of playing Football Manager, featuring a bittersweet Champions League win with then-League Two side Southend.

The 58-year-old has enjoyed a largely positive start to life in North London after leaving his role at Scottish Premiership champions Celtic.

In fact, Spurs sat top of the Premier League table after 10 games having picked up 26 points to move two clear of Arsenal and Manchester City.

They've suffered a dip in form of late, with notable defeats to Aston Villa and Wolves, but many are backing Postecoglou to succeed at the Lilywhites after putting his stamp on the team.

The Australian has earned praise for bringing a positive mentality and attacking style of play to Spurs, which are principles that were deeply-rooted in each and every one of his Football Manager saves.

Speaking about the popular game during a fascinating interview with GOAL, he said: "Like all beginnings, mine were fairly humble. It's amazing what you can do in real life. Even more amazing what you can do in Football Manager."

When pressed on where it all started for him on Football Manager, Postecoglou opened up about his save with then-League Two side Southend United.

"I probably started playing not too long after it sort of came out. And then around that time, I was working with Australia's national team. National team football is really great but you get a lot of downtime in between. It was all in. You had a little bit of freedom in the game to do things that real life doesn't allow you to do.

"I loved taking the small club all the way to the highest possible level. The one for me was Southend United. The reason I picked them was because they were the closest thing I could find to South Melbourne, the club that I grew up and played with.

"I took them all the way to the Champions League and my greatest moment was also my biggest heartbreak because they sacked me six months later, when I was expecting a statue. It just goes to show."

Three years ago, in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Postecoglou opened up further about his Southend United save.

"I had to knock back some big clubs to stay the course," he said. "I used journeymen and loaners to get out of the lower divisions, then bought young unknowns from Italy and South America. I didn't mess about with tactics - I just wheeled and dealed. Harry Redknapp on steroids."

Postecoglou also opened up about managing the so-called "big clubs" but it wasn't as fulfilling, although finding 'wonderkids' was a big sticking point.

"It was all about trying to find the next star and I was pretty aggressive in terms of transfers," he remembers. "I didn't sit on players for too long and was constantly moving around. So I had a fair few successes.

"I went down the Freddy Adu rabbit hole, which everyone does. He was he was unbelievable."

Postecoglou added: "I think in many respects, it was a precursor to where recruitment and transfer dealings went to. I loved having such a massive database of players at the touch of a finger. And it has pretty much become real life now."

Featured Image Credit: GOAL - Football Manager

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