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Premier League to change rules on goal celebrations as part of wider shake-up of football laws

Premier League to change rules on goal celebrations as part of wider shake-up of football laws

The Premier League are taking action.

The Premier League are changing the rules around goal celebrations in an effort to clamp down on time wasting, it has been claimed.

Celebrations have become part and parcel of football, with plenty of players coming up with their own signature move after they find the net.

From Cristiano Ronaldo's infamous 'siu', to Erling Haaland's mediative pose, the Premier League has witnessed a multitude of celebrations down the years, some admittedly better than others.

However, new regulations have been put in place for referees to measure the exact time lost during goal celebrations to help eradicate football's dark arts.

The initiative, agreed upon by by the law maker Ifab and the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), will come into effect when the English top-flight resumes next Friday.

It is part of the PGMOL’s drive to keep the game flowing and more enjoyable for supporters to watch. In turn, matches are likely to run longer, as seen at the men’s and women’s World Cups.

Indeed, the ball was in play for only 51 minutes during Arsenal’s draw with Newcastle in January, which is just over half a match.

Meanwhile, Opta found that the average time the ball was in play in the Premier League last season was just 54:49, which incredibly was the second best across Europe's top five leagues.

According to the Guardian, other changes include players receiving treatment off the field whenever possible to promote player safety and prevent teams from slowing the game down. Although goalkeeper injuries are an exception, along with players who have collided from the same team.

In the event where a player declines medical assistance, a teammate perceived to be purposely delaying the restart will be cautioned. Whilst referees have been reminded to book players who stray too close to free-kick takers.

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