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Phil Neville expertly breaks down 'new trick' he developed at Man United, Roy Keane's reaction was priceless

Phil Neville expertly breaks down 'new trick' he developed at Man United, Roy Keane's reaction was priceless

Phil Neville pulled off his fancy 'trick' during Man United vs Southampton at Old Trafford, only for Roy Keane to share his brutal thoughts.

Phil Neville revealed that former Manchester United teammate Roy Keane told him to “stop f*****g about” after pulling off a skill move that took him six months to perfect.

The 46-year-old came through the United youth academy alongside older brother Gary Neville and spent 11 years in the club’s senior team.

One of United’s famed Class of ’92 players, Neville won six Premier League titles, a Champions League and three FA Cups during his spell at Old Trafford.

The former England international made 378 appearances for United, with Neville claiming that he wanted to polish up his skills as a full-back at the club.

Neville insisted that a full-back needs a “trick” and his was a step over, which he worked on developing “every day” when he was at United.

The Inter Miami manager pulled off the skill move in a match against Southampton, but he was surprised to see Nicky Butt, David Beckham and Keane all “laughing their heads off.”

Speaking in The Class of ’92 documentary (watch it in the video player above), Neville said: “I did a step over, got to the byline, crossed it, and we nearly scored.

“And as I was running back, Butty [Nicky Butt], Becks [David Beckham], Keano [Roy Keane], they were all laughing their heads off. Just laughing their heads off.

“And I could not understand for the life of me why they were laughing [because] I’d just done the best step over that this club’s ever seen and they’re absolutely wetting themselves laughing.”


Keane might have allowed the aforementioned step over to slide, but the no-nonsense United legend was far from impressed when Neville tried to elevate the skill move.

Neville recalled that he “threw in” a double step over and it was met with delight by the fans at Old Trafford, but the former United full-back then “turned around” to see Keane’s reaction.

“I think they thought I was taking the mickey but this was something I was serious about,” he continued.

“I’d worked on it for six months and I had just produced it at Old Trafford against Southampton.

“So I turned around after the double step over and Roy Keane looked at me and just said, ‘Stop f*****g about.’”

Featured Image Credit: The Class of '92/RTE

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