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The 10 most streamed FIFA songs of all time have been revealed

The 10 most streamed FIFA songs of all time have been revealed

Does your favourite make it into the top 10?

The 10 most streamed FIFA songs of all time have been revealed and there are some surprising inclusions on the list. 

FIFA is one of the best selling game franchises of all time, and with FIFA, their soundtrack often gets many attention from the fans of the game., an online gaming site has compiled a list of the most streamed FIFA songs of all time by analysing Spotify data to find out the number of streams that every song that has ever featured in a FIFA game. 

They analysed songs from FIFA:World Cup 98 to FIFA 22, the latest edition, FIFA 23 is due to be released at the end of September. 

With a huge array of songs to pick from, there were some big names that missed out on a spot in the top 10. Including the likes of Gorillaz, Muse, Labrith, Kygo and Major Lazer. 

Vance Joy’s Mess Is Mine kicked off the top 10 as it has been streamed 395,291,133 times. 

In ninth place is reggaeton tune Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi by Rosalia and Ozuna, which was released in 2020, the song has been streamed 465,460,354 times. 

John Newman found himself eighth with with 2014 hit Love Me Again. 

In seventh place was Blur, whose 1998 hit Song 2 has been streamed 560,576,371 times, it is also the oldest song on the list. 

Kids by MGMT came in at sixth place whilst Kaleo’s Way Down We Go secured fifth place with total streams of 643,561,438. 

Imagine Dragons was in fourth place with their hit from 2013, On Top of the World. 

Third place on the list belonged to one of the biggest stars of the music industry right now, Billie Eilish. Her 2019 song You Should See Me In A Crown amassing 692,812,784 streams on Spotify. 


The top two songs both broke the one billion barrier in terms of streams. In second place was AVICII, the late DJ’s hit, The Nights has been streamed 1,163,964,283 times. 

And the most streamed FIFA song of all time belongs to Glass Animals, their 2021 hit, Heat Waves has been streamed 1,946,964,717 times. 

Here is the full list. 

10. Vance Joy - Mess Is Mine - 2015 - 395,291,133

9. Rosalia & Ozuna - Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi - 2020 - 465,460,354

8. John Newman - Love Me Again - 2014 - 494,064,676

7. Blur - Song 2 - 1998 - 560,576,371

6. MGMT - Kids - 2009 - 599,007,927

5. Kaleo - Way Down We Go - 2016 - 643,561,438

4. Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World - 2013 - 683,964,847

3. Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown - 2019 - 692,812,784

2. AVICII - The Nights - 2015 - 1,163,964,283

1. Glass Animals - Heat Waves - 2021 - 1,946,964,717

FIFA 23 is due to be released on Friday, 30 September. 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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