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Fans impressed after clip of Lionel Messi's acting debut in TV series Los Protectores emerges

Fans impressed after clip of Lionel Messi's acting debut in TV series Los Protectores emerges

Lionel Messi appeared in the second season of popular Argentine TV series Los Protectores on Sunday.

Lionel Messi impressed viewers of the popular TV series Los Protectores after he produced a steely performance on his highly-anticipated acting debut.

The 36-year-old forward, who will join up with his new teammates at MLS side Inter Miami in the coming weeks, made a cameo appearance on Sunday night's action-packed episode.

The hit Argentine TV show, which is broadcast exclusively on Star+, follows the journey of three football agents who come together to save their careers and avoid bankruptcy.

And in the first episode of season two, the trio visit Lionel Messi in Paris with a proposal; to work with him on a project that aims to support youth players taking their first steps at a club.

It is an idea that initially interests Messi but the conversation soon turns sour when the guests begin to harass him with requests for photos.

Soon, the conversation becomes hostile when the agent proposes another idea. "I was thinking about a business plan," says one one of the agents.

"On your vacation, when you are in a 'quiet period' with your family, you go to Buenos Aires and play with a number of different teams from A, B, and C.

"Chacarita, Atlanta, Boca Juniors, River Plane, until you end up at your beloved Newell's Old Boys. I've already spoke with a lot of companies."

Messi, furious by the suggestion, makes his feelings known. “It seems to me that you are misplaced," he says. "They did not tell me this. They said that they were going to tell me about a different project."

Andrés Parra, who plays one of the agents in Los Protectores, praised Messi for his efforts after a day of filming. He said: “It has really surprised us all, not only his human quality, but also his acting."

Many others followed Parra in praising the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner.

One Twitter user wrote: "Messi acting in The Protectors. It's incredible that Leo acts very well, better than many of the Argentine actors," while another said: "Already the greatest actor alive in my books."

A third commented: "Messi acting now? Leonardo DiCaprio should come outside now. Messi aiming for that Oscar award."

A fourth added: "Man has completed football and decided to try acting."

Thoughts on Messi's acting debut? Has he got a future career in Hollywood when his playing days are over?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Star+/Twitter

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