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Turkey 'orders player to be deported' from country after goal celebration

Turkey 'orders player to be deported' from country after goal celebration

He is reportedly being deported.

An Israeli footballer is facing prosecution in Turkey and the sack from his club for showing solidarity with hostages of the October 7 Hamas attacks during his goal celebration.

Antalyaspor player Sagiv Jehezkel held up a bandaged hand that read "100 days. 7/10", in reference to the 100 days since Hamas launched deadly attacks on southern Israel, killing at least 1,300 people. Some 240 people were also taken back to Gaza as hostages, with around 132 of them still being held.

The attacks triggered Israel's bombardment of Gaza which has led to more than 23,000 fatalities, according to the Hamas-run health ministry. Thousands more are thought to be dead under the rubble.

Turkey has accused Jehezkel of supporting "Israel's massacre in Gaza". The player, who is being investigated for "publicly inciting the public to hatred and hostility”, was detained before being released pending a trial on Monday.

According to local outlet DHA, Jehezkel gave a statement where he claimed he was not "pro-war".

"I am not a pro-war person… there are Israeli soldiers captured in Gaza. I am someone who believes that this 100-day period should end now. I want the war to end," he said.

Nevertheless, Yilmaz Tunc, Turkey's Minister of Justice, said an investigation had been launched due to the player's "ugly action supporting Israel's massacre in Gaza".

Meanwhile, Jehezkel has been suspended by his club for acting “against the national values of our country".

Globe Eye News has even claimed that Turkey has decided to deport Jehezkel.

On the matter, Israel has accused Turkey of hypocrisy. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, has long been a staunch supporter of the Palestinians, including Hamas, while he has been highly critical of Israel's conduct in Gaza.

Yet Israel’s defence Minister Yadav Gallant said his country had supported Turkey in last year's earthquakes, and accused Turkey of "an expression of hypocrisy".

Gallant added: "In its actions, Turkey serves as the executive arm of Hamas.”

Meanwhile, Israel's former prime minister Naftali Bennett said the conduct of Turkey's government was shameful.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Globe Eye News

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