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Richard Keys aims dig at Gary Lineker after BBC presenter reveals real reason why he tweets

Richard Keys aims dig at Gary Lineker after BBC presenter reveals real reason why he tweets

Keys aimed a dig at Lineker.

Richard Keys has aimed a dig at Gary Lineker after the BBC presenter revealed the real reason why he posts on Twitter.

Lineker recently appeared at the Hay Festival, where he won a medal for Broadcast Journalism.

During an appearance on stage at the festival with historian David Olusoga, he spoke about why he tweets prominently on political issues - over a year after he was taken off air by the BBC for criticising the government's asylum policy.

In solidarity with Lineker, Match of the Day pundits and potential presenter replacements also refused to appear on air during the England legend's absence, and the subsequent episode of the highlights show was broadcast without pundits or commentators.

A resolution was later reached, with BBC apologising to Lineker and allowing him to return to the air. Later that year, the corporation introduced new social media guidelines for its presenters, which Lineker backed.

Lineker explained: "I don't think I probably made a blind bit of difference, but it [tweeting from my account] makes a difference to me, and that's important.

"Sometimes if things upset you or things are joyous, either way it's nice to talk about things.

"I don't do it so I can try and influence. I do it so I can look at myself in the mirror at night."

The former Leicester and Tottenham star added: "It's only a line of attack if they don't agree with you. They're perfectly happy with free speech for sports people, or musicians, or historians, or whatever it is, as long as they agree.

"The minute they disagree with what you say, they say: 'Stay in your lane'. So I think you have to take that with a little bit of a pinch of salt."

Taking to Twitter, beIN Sports and former Sky Sports presenter Keys aimed a dig at Lineker in response.

He wrote: "I'm quite certain Gary would be looking in the mirror at night even if he wasn't tweeting."

Lineker has yet to respond to Keys' comment.

Featured Image Credit: Getty / beIN Sports

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