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Mark Goldbridge brutally slammed by former Man United player, accused of 'attacking the club'

Mark Goldbridge brutally slammed by former Man United player, accused of 'attacking the club'

Mark Goldbridge accused of 'attacking' Manchester United.

Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker has hit out at Mark Goldbridge, calling him a 'problem' in a damning assessment.

Man United have already lost a staggering four Premier League games this season as they languish in 10th place in the table.

Erik ten Hag's side have also lost their opening two games in the Champions League as they sit at the bottom of Group A.

Naturally, critics have taken aim at the Red Devils, not to mention fans, including high-profile supporter Goldbridge, who is one of the most outspoken social media personalities.

He's not afraid to make his feelings known as he slammed Gary Neville over Liverpool's replay stance.

Parker, who played for Man United between 1991 and 1996, believes Goldbridge is a 'problem' and accused him of 'attacking the club and the manager' in a stinging rant.

"I don’t like what Mark Goldbridge is doing. It’s a problem. Everyone has to make a living but you have to be very, very thick skinned to make money off the back of something you don’t like," he told Bonus Code Bets.

“He has no relationship to Man United, he is a Nottingham Forest fan. It’s an incredible skill to do that, actually... To make money on the back of something you don’t like.

"He is attacking the club, the manager and the owners of a football club that you don’t even love. He has no inner feeling with the club and it’s a scary but incredible feeling to have to be that invested in a club that you don’t support."

Erik ten Hag on the touchline. Image: Getty
Erik ten Hag on the touchline. Image: Getty

Parker added: "But that’s also what Man United are about. It’s a club with a massive story and it’s a story that everyone tries to tap into and be a part of. A lot of people are making money because of Man United but it’s madness. One, they don’t support Man United and to be honest, two, they don’t even like football.

"But it’s a club that everyone wants to talk about and somehow it’s possible to make money from it despite not having a relationship to the club."

Is Goldbridge causing a problem for Man United? Let us know what you think.

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Featured Image Credit: Mark Goldbridge

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