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Luis Diaz's father 'rescued from kidnappers after deadly shootout in Colombia'

Luis Diaz's father 'rescued from kidnappers after deadly shootout in Colombia'

Diaz's parents were kidnapped by armed gunmen.

Luis Diaz's father has reportedly been rescued from a kidnapping in Colombia following a shootout that left two of his captors dead.

Both Diaz's mother and father were taken by armed gunmen on motorbikes while travelling from their home in Barrancas on Saturday.

His mother, Cilenis Marulanda, was rescued after the Colombian attorney general's office assembled a team of investigators to look for the couple.

The player's father, Luis Manuel Diaz, was later rescued on Sunday morning following a deadly shootout between the kidnappers and the Colombian police.

The Mirror has reported that local media from the La Guajira region claim Diaz's father was freed following a police rescue mission, which resulted in the deaths of two of the four kidnappers.

The incident is said to have taken place in an area called Los Barrancones, near Colombia's border with Venezuela.

It is claimed the kidnappers intended to smuggle Diaz's father into the neighbouring country.

There is yet to be official confirmation that Diaz's father has been rescued by the local authorities.

Diaz himself is yet to comment but Liverpool have released a club statement confirming the club is supporting the winger.

"Liverpool Football Club can confirm it is aware of an ongoing situation involving the family of Luis Diaz in Colombia," read the statement.

"It is our fervent hope that the matter is resolved safely and at the earliest possible opportunity. In the meantime, the player’s welfare will continue to be our immediate priority."

A man described as the best friend of Luis Manuel Diaz told a Colombian radio station the footballer's parents had kidnapped while filling up their car at a petrol station.

Victor Medina said: "It was 5.30pm local time on Saturday. They had filled up with petrol and then went to a neighbourhood nearby to collect something from a relative of Celinis. There the captors arrived, four men on motorbikes.

"They threatened them with weapons, made them get into the same vehicle and sped off with the other two on a motorbike tailing them. They headed for a rural area. The authorities were informed and there was a chase."

When asked if there was a shoot-out between the captors and authorities before Cilenis was rescued, Medina added: "I haven't had the chance to speak to her yet.

"It's a difficult situation. She's back at home with doctors because we know she arrived quite distressed after what has been a trauma for her. We're just waiting for everything to calm down a bit before we speak with her."

He added: "Luis Manuel Diaz is a person who is much loved in Barrancas and there’s never been any talk of threats. He and his family are highly appreciated in this municipality and that is why he always felt calm and safe here."

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Featured Image Credit: Getty & Luis Diaz/Instagram

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