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Fans fume over Jermaine Jenas making the same mistake on co-commentary

Fans fume over Jermaine Jenas making the same mistake on co-commentary

Jermaine Jenas repeatedly made the error watching Brighton vs Wolves for TNT Sports.

Jermaine Jenas has been slammed by fans after repeatedly making the same mistake while on-commentary on Monday night.

Jenas was in the gantry for TNT Sports, who had live coverage of Brighton's visit of Wolves.

The two sides served up a forgettable 0-0 draw at the AMEX Stadium and the viewing experience was made worse by Jenas making the same error on co-commentary.

In the first half, the former Spurs and Newcastle midfielder had quite the mix-up as he proceeded to refer to Brighton's goalkeeper as 'Luke Steele'.

However, the player he mentioned does not play for Brighton. Luke Steele is a former Manchester United youngster who turned out for the likes of Barnsley, Bristol City and Nottingham Forest.

He has since changed positions dramatically in recent years, playing as a striker.

But the Steele who lines up in between the sticks for Brighton has the first name 'Jason', having joined from Sunderland in 2018.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Jenas getting confused between goalkeepers with the surname Steele caused a huge stir amongst those watching.

One fan wrote: "Can someone on @footballontnt tell Jenas that our keeper is called Jason, not Luke Steele."

A second said: At what point does Jenas realise it's Jason Steele not Luke Steele in goal for Brighton?"

A third asked: "Who’s Luke Steele? Is he the twin brother to JASON Steele?"

Another commented "It’s Jason Steele not Luke Steele - do your homework."

Meanwhile the Paddy Power admin joke: "Jermaine Jenas has been calling Jason Steele 'Luke Steele' for the last five minutes. This is what happens when you bring in Formula-E presenters to commentate on football."

A final user wrote: "Will someone tell Jermaine jenas it’s Jason Steele not Luke Steele. Bet Joey Barton’s got nothing to say about that."

Brighton are seventh after the stalemate, with Wolves in 11th after 21 games.

Featured Image Credit: TNT Sports

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