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Douglas Luiz and Alisha Lehmann have surprising rule at home which Aston Villa fans wouldn't expect

Douglas Luiz and Alisha Lehmann have surprising rule at home which Aston Villa fans wouldn't expect

Luiz has opened up on his relationship with Lehmann.

Douglas Luiz has opened up on his relationship with Alisha Lehmann and revealed the pair have an usual rule when at home together.

Luiz and Lehmann met while playing their club football for Aston Villa.

Brazilian midfielder Luiz joined the men's team in 2019 from Manchester City, while Switzerland international Lehmann signed from West Ham in 2021.

Luiz has now spoken about their relationship in a revealing interview.

"People say we are like a celebrity couple but we are just normal," Luiz told the Daily Mail.

"We go out for dinner. Go bowling. Go to the shop."

Luiz credits Lehmann with helping him improve his language skills, with the Aston Villa women's star speaking an incredible five different tongues.

"My English is much better because of her," he added.

"My first two years I couldn’t speak English but then I met her and now I need to. We can't have an argument if I can't speak the language can we? If we have an argument we can now resolve it in the moment. Before I had to use my phone to translate everything from Portuguese to English!

"The first time it happened I couldn't speak anything. It had to change.

"She speaks so many languages. I think five. German, French, English, Portuguese and Swedish. I have three — Portuguese, English, Spanish. It's not bad given that I didn't even finish school."

Perhaps surprisingly though, there is one topic that is off limits when the pair are at home together.

The report states that while they try to attend each other's matches as often as possible, they do not discuss football at home.

Luiz added that while the pair are seen as a celebrity couple, they try to live a very normal life away from the pitch.

"We do everything normal. We go to dinner when we want. I am more a home person anyway. But of course I do want to do some social things with her," he added.

"Here in England everything is calm. If I go to the shop in Brazil it's crazy, almost impossible. We have a good life here."

Featured Image Credit: Getty & Instagram/AlishaLehmann7

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