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Barcelona and Real Madrid banned from referring to rivalry as 'El Clasico'

Barcelona and Real Madrid banned from referring to rivalry as 'El Clasico'

A court ruling says that the term is too close to the brand La Liga have.

La Liga heavyweights Barcelona and Real Madrid have reportedly been banned from using the term ‘El Clasico’ to describe their derby matches going forward.

According to the publication Relevo, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office has ruled that neither club can use the name to market matches or to stoke rivalry for the foreseeable.

The decision comes after Real Madrid’s request to trademark ‘El Clasico’ was apparently denied by the aforementioned office.

This ruling was pronounced that the term was too similar to the brand that La Liga has been using - ‘ElClásico’.

As per Forbes, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office believes that ‘El Clasico’ is “already renowned and sufficiently established”.

It’s also said that there are concerns that the reputation of the Spanish domestic league could be questioned if the two teams continue to use the term to refer to their regular derby matches.

Elsewhere, the ruling officials believe there is a “likelihood of association” with the previously-registered trademark and that concerns regarding “symbols” have also been raised.

Following the decision, both Barcelona and Los Blancos must immediately cease using the term ‘El Clasico’ in their marketing materials.

However, both teams do have a month to decide if they want to launch an appeal against the ruling.

Following the news, football fans have come out in their droves to have their say on the bizarre decision.

Moving forward, neither team are able to refer to the derby as 'El Clasico'. (
Louis Grasse/Zuma Press/PA Images)

One wrote: “La Liga is absolutely finished, it’s being run into the ground by its executives. El Clasico isn’t just a name, it’s a worldwide brand, a heritage, a symbol of history. This is ludicrous on so many levels!”

Another said: “No one will stop us calling the two biggest clubs in La Liga El Clasico.”

A third wrote: “Imagine the Premier League not allowing United vs City to be called the Manchester Derby. La Liga is in serious trouble.”

In the 2022/23 campaign, there have been five meetings between the two Spanish sides across all competitions.

The latest was Real’s 4-1 aggregate victory over Barça in April’s Copa del Rey semi-final.

If the teams submit and win their appeal, then the next El Clasico will be a friendly match on July 29.

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