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Lionel Messi Spotted At Everyone's Favourite Ibiza Venue Enjoying Some Filthy Techno

Lionel Messi Spotted At Everyone's Favourite Ibiza Venue Enjoying Some Filthy Techno

The football megastar was spotted partying at iconic Ibiza venue Ushuaia alongside former Barcelona teammates Cesc Fabregas and Luis Suarez.

Social media users, particularly techno-loving ravers, went into meltdown after seeing none other than Lionel Messi enjoying some dirty beats while on holiday in Ibiza.

The football megastar was spotted partying at iconic Ibiza club Ushuaia alongside former Barcelona teammates Cesc Fabregas and Luis Suarez as well as their partners.

Unlike the usual creatures you see aimlessly walking around inside the legendary club, Messi seemed pretty tame, enjoying a couple of refreshing beverages while watching English DJ duo CamelPhat.

There's no proper footage of Messi pulling out some bang-average two-step dance moves like the rest of us, but judging by the pictures posted on his Instagram, it looked like he had an enjoyable time.

It goes without saying, but anyone who has been blessed to visit music mecca Ushuaia has got a story or two to tell about their adventures from there.

So upon seeing football royalty Messi at the venue, people lost their minds.

CamelPhat themselves re-posted Messi's picture and their Twitter followers absolutely loved it.

One bloke commented: "Imagine seeing Messi off your teeth in Ushuaia you’d have a heart attack."

While another added: "Imagine going to CamelPhat and bumping into Leo Messi and the gang... mad!"

And with CamelPhat DJs Dave and Mike being die-hard Toffees fans, a third joked: "Messi and Suarez to Everton confirmed?"

One cheeky social media user even took aim at Stan Collymore.

The former Premier League footballer recently made headlines when he suggested that professional clubs should ban its players from drinking full-stop.

His comments came after Manchester City star Jack Grealish was pictured enjoying himself while on holiday Ibiza and Las Vegas following the end of the Premier League season.

In response to CamelPhat's post, one guy tweeted: "@stancollymore, can’t believe Messi is on the p**s mate."

But perhaps the best comment came from Facebook page 'The Sesh Life', who said: "Couldn't be arsed with Suarez chewing my ear off all night."

Other footage emerged showing the Argentine icon chatting with Bayern Munich legend Franck Ribery, some fans hilariously suggesting the Frenchman was reminding Messi of how he was robbed of the Ballon d'Or back in 2013. Gold.

Footage of CamelPhat's set was posted on social media throughout the evening and it looked pretty wild.

Not sure how many watermelon daiquiris Messi control-alt-deleted, but let's hope he's not too hungover this morning.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/leomessi & Twitter

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