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Max Verstappen agrees with Lewis Hamilton in scathing assessment of F1 ahead of Bahrain GP

Max Verstappen agrees with Lewis Hamilton in scathing assessment of F1 ahead of Bahrain GP

The 2024 Formula 1 season will begin this weekend with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were in agreement as they delivered a scathing assessment of Formula 1.

This weekend, the 2024 F1 season begins with the Bahrain Grand Prix, with Verstappen the overwhelming favourite to clinch the title again.

The 2024 campaign will see a record-breaking 24-race calendar, which has become a cause for concern among the paddock.

Last season was supposed to have 24 races but the Chinese Grand Prix was cancelled and the Emilia Romagna race was called off due to heavy flooding.

Speaking ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Hamilton said: “We just have to be conscious of quality vs quantity, and we also have to think about the impact that we have on the world.

“The more races that we put [on], this whole circus travelling everywhere [and creating emissions]. Sustainability should be at the heart of the decisions that they're making moving forwards.”

Dutchman Verstappen agreed, he said: “I feel already that we're way over the limit of races. I know I'm of course still very young but I also know that I'm not doing this for another 10 years, doing 24 races [per year].

“Like also Lewis said, I think it's about the quality over quantity that we have to look at as well. From my side, I know, and I've said it before: this is not sustainable.”

The Red Bull superstar added: “I love racing a lot and I do it a lot, also outside of Formula 1, but at one point you start looking into the quality of life and how much you are away for doing the sport that you love but at one point I'd probably prefer to just be at home and focus on other projects.

“Because it is crazy, how much you have to do for it. I love it, now it's not a problem, but I know in a couple of years' time it's very different.

“At the end of the day of course it's up to Formula 1 what they want to do with their sport, but if people in the sport start shortening their careers because it's too much I think that's a bit of a shame.”


Meanwhile, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz compared the F1 to football’s Champions League.

He said: “From a driving point of view, when I look at football I really like the Champions League because the Champions League, you don't get it that often; the highlight of having a Champions League match [is] that it connects for people for that day.

“Formula 1 is risking becoming too constant - having one race every weekend, and losing a bit the appetite of everyone switching on the TV to watch Formula 1.”

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