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Lewis Hamilton left Nico Rosberg ‘seriously hurt’ after F1 clash

Lewis Hamilton left Nico Rosberg ‘seriously hurt’ after F1 clash

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were teammates at Mercedes

Nico Rosberg has revealed how Lewis Hamilton left him seriously angry and seriously hurt during their time together in Formula 1.

Rosberg signed for Mercedes back in 2010 and was joined by Hamilton in 2013.

During their four-year stint as teammates, Hamilton and Rosberg’s relationship began to spiral as both drivers targeted the F1 world title.

Hamilton won two championships in 2014 and 2015 whilst Rosberg won the 2016 title and immediately retired.

Speaking about their time together racing for Mercedes, Rosberg revealed how Hamilton left him angry and hurt after the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2014.

The German told the Sky Sports F1 podcast, via the Daily Mirror: “I remember myself in Bahrain, I said after the race, 'Wow, that was the most fun I've ever had in a racing car’. But actually, the truth was that was the most far from the truth possible.

“Because the truth was I was seriously angry and seriously hurt from finishing second to Lewis and it was zero fun. As race drivers, we always have to be a bit Hollywood. You can't always say the truth obviously because it's going to backfire otherwise.”


Back in July, Rosberg explained how his friendship with Hamilton broke down.

As per TNT Sports, Rosberg told Eurosport: “It [the friendship breakdown] happened immediately when we were fighting for the world championship, not before.

“But that's always the case: When you're fighting for success in every race and for titles, it doesn't work anymore.

“It was a build-up from one race to the next. If you want to decide the world championship for yourself, you can't play ‘love, peace and harmony’.”


He added: “You have to test limits and go into grey areas to win, especially when two drivers are at such a high level. Then it often gets tight.

“I don't regret anything from the battle with Lewis. That was a sensational time and a mega fight. I'm very proud of that. In the meantime, we've returned to neutral, which is okay.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Sky Sports

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