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Fans think they've worked out meaning behind Tommy Fury vs Liam Payne poster

Fans think they've worked out meaning behind Tommy Fury vs Liam Payne poster

Former One Direction member Liam Payne teased an announcement with Tommy Fury.

Fans think they have figured out why former One Direction member Liam Payne has uploaded a poster of him facing off against boxer Tommy Fury.

Payne took many by surprise on Wednesday afternoon when he teased an announcement featuring Fury on his official Twitter page.

And according to the mock-up poster, the supposed announcement – which will be made on Thursday April 13 – will take place at Old Trafford in Manchester.

So what could it be? Payne is not known to have any boxing experience, while Tommy Fury is currently 9-0 after registering the biggest win of his career last month, beating YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia.

It would certainly be an unfair match-up, therefore some fans have come to the conclusion that Payne will make a Soccer Aid-related announcement on Thursday.

Payne was named England captain for last year's Soccer Aid at the London Stadium and even rented out a non-league ground to get in some practice in ahead of the event.

England will, of course, take on a World XI at Old Trafford on Sunday, June 11.

And plenty reckon the undefeated Fury will take to the pitch this summer alongside the likes of Usain Bolt, Paul Scholes, Gary Cahill, Tom Grennan, Mo Farah and Gary Neville.

Here's how social media reacted to the above poster.

One fan said: "My guess is Soccer Aid. Liam Payne probably coaching/playing England and Tommy rest of world," while another wrote: "I'm going to hope they're just referencing Soccer Aid at Old Trafford on June 11th... for boxing's sake anyway."

A third commented: "That Liam Payne Tommy Fury thing has got to be a Soccer Aid announcement that they're the captains or something. No way is Liam getting into the ring this is just a ploy for publicity (which I'm well aware I'm feeding into)."

A fourth said: "The amount of people that automatically believe something posted on social media never ceases to amaze me. So many gullible people. It's obviously going to be Soccer Aid."

A fifth added: "This will be for a video for Soccer Aid. There’s no way."

Tommy Fury celebrates his win over Jake Paul. Image: Alamy
Tommy Fury celebrates his win over Jake Paul. Image: Alamy

According to the Soccer Aid website, Jill Scott will captain England as she makes her debut alongside fellow newcomers Jack Wilshere, Joel Corry, Bugzy Malone and Karen Carney.

The website also states that fans should 'stay tuned for more announcements coming soon', which may suggest an upcoming tease from Payne.

Thoughts on the announcement?

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Featured Image Credit: PA/Instagram - @LiamPayne

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