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Jake Paul Claims Tommy Fury Has Pulled Out Of Their Fight Again

Jake Paul Claims Tommy Fury Has Pulled Out Of Their Fight Again

The YouTuber turned boxer is not happy with the former Love Island star for pulling out of their fight due to dad John Fury.

Jake Paul has accused Tommy Fury of pulling out of a fight with him, for the second time, saying that the former Love Islander refuses to fight without dad John Fury by his side.

Paul and Fury, two boxers whose popularity as boxers far outweighs their actual skill or success in the sport, thanks to social media, were meant to fight last year.

Late on in proceedings Fury had to back out thanks to a broken rib he sustained whilst training, although the British boxer was still desperate to fight.

In his place, Paul stopped Tyron Woodley, beating the former UFC champion for a second time, and claimed he wouldn't fight against Tyson Fury's younger brother.

The YouTube sensation is due to get back in the ring for his sixth professional fight on August 6th and rumours suggested he'd had a change of heart in fighting Fury.

However, now he's taken to social media to claim that the 23-year-old from Manchester has pulled out again, saying that the inability of John Fury, the boxer's dad and trainer, to travel to America was the sticking point.

"Yet again, I wake up from another message from my manager saying Tommy Fury is pulling out of the fight," the undefeated American started his rant saying.

"We agreed to all of your terms. We're ready to go. We are 45 days away from the fight.

"We agreed to his £2 million purse, extra testing, extra flights, extra rooms, extra tickets to the fight.

"We are scheduled to have a press conference next week in New York.

"His whole entire team were like 'yeah everything is good, we're signing the contract" it kept on getting pushed, it kept on getting pushed till now.

"What's the excuse? 'Oh I can't come and I can't do it, because my dad can't be there with me during the fight.'

"Well Tommy, your dad has been banned from the United States for 15 years, he's a criminal, he's not allowed in, you've known this the whole entire time."

Tommy Fury with dad John. Image: Alamy
Tommy Fury with dad John. Image: Alamy

In 2011, the oldest Fury was found guilty of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after gouging a man's eyes, during a fight in 2010.

He was convicted for an 11 year jail sentence, serving until February 2015, and meaning that he isn't able to get into the United States.

Paul went on to point out that neither dad John or brother Tyson, the retired world heavyweight champion, were in Tommy's corner for his debut on American soil last year, in a win over Anthony Taylor, that preceded his first face-to-face with Paul.

The American went on to say he'd happily forgo being around his team and his coach in the week leading up to the fight if it meant getting Fury to agree.

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