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Aussie boxer Ebanie Bridges praises Tai Emery for flashing boobs after BKFC win

Aussie boxer Ebanie Bridges praises Tai Emery for flashing boobs after BKFC win

Bridges admits she wish she'd thought of the idea before.

Australian sports star Ebanie Bridges has heaped praise on her fellow compatriot Tai Emery for flashing her boobs after a victory in her bareknuckle boxing debut.

Emery was making her very first appearance for BKFC when she knocked her opponent out with a perfectly-timed right hook.

Wheeling away in celebration, Emery scaled the ropes and flashed her breasts to the spectators in the crowd.

Her impressive KO, and subsequent celebrations, went viral online.

BKFC initially posted the clip before swiftly deleting it, although Emery's video is still live on her Instagram page.

Now IBF bantamweight world champion Bridges has thrown her support behind her fellow Aussie, admitting she wishes she had thought of that same idea before.

Ebanie Bridges.

"I wish I thought of that before she did it. But now she’s done it, I can’t do it," Bridges told Bet365.

"Bare knuckle boxing is pretty wild and the characters are too, but it was cool.

"I’m not going to be flashing my boobs anytime soon, sorry guys, but good on her, it looked like she has a great set, so why not?"

Bridges, who is renowned for showing up to weigh-ins dressed in lingerie, says she has been getting all sorts of crazy requests from fans recently.

"Give me your money, that’s my response," she added.

"You want my stuff, then you’ve got to give me your money. There’s plenty of weird people out there.

"I haven’t sold my bathwater, but I’ve been getting so many weird requests I was thinking should I go buy some jars?

"I’ve done the socks and my feet because it’s a laugh and harmless. I thought it was funny and they ended up paying, so now any requests that come through, I’m just like here is my PayPal.

"You’d think normal people would want lingerie or something like that, but it’s all feet and socks.

"I do get the random requests for the bathwater and other weird things which I won’t go into now.

"It’s all side money at the end of the day, if they want to pay then it’s up to them."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ebanie_bridges/tai_emery

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