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Mike Tyson warns John Fury his friend is 'coming for him'

Mike Tyson warns John Fury his friend is 'coming for him'

Mike Tyson issued a message to John Fury.

Mike Tyson has issued a warning to John Fury, claiming one of his pals is pursuing a fight against him.

Tyson took to social media to call out Fury on behalf of Joe Egan, who sparred with the legendary boxer during his professional career.

Egan, who was a national amateur champion, only had four professional bouts, with his record standing at 3-1.

He announced plans to come out of retirement and immediately set his sights on Tyson Fury's father.

But a fight between Egan and Fury hasn't progressed, with the former world heavyweight champion getting involved. Check it out below:

In a video, the 57-year-old said: "John Fury, you've got my friend Joe Egan really mad at you, saying you wanted to fight me.

"And he also told me that you told Russell Crowe that he was a fraud. So, Joe Egan is looking for John Fury, okay?

"And if I'm able to see that fight - I hope it's not in England because I'm a felon, I can't go to England.

"But he's coming for you John Fury, for my honour."

Egan hasn't fought in over 20 years but has called for a showdown against Fury to take place in Saudi Arabia.

"Hello everyone. I have one last hurrah in me. I haven’t fought in over 20 years," he said.

"John Fury is my friend and he is a good fighting man, same as myself, a good fighting man and I think the two of us would have a great boxing match.

"Out in Saudi let's show them YouTubers and them Saudi royals how two old warriors can perform."

However, Fury isn't interested in taking on Egan, saying: "Not interested in talking about those people. Can we move on please?"

'Iron' Mike is banned from entering the UK because of his 1992 rape conviction.

But if Fury vs. Egan is made for the Middle East, then Tyson will likely be ringside or even in his friend's corner.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/viaX@BigJoeEgan

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