We are just over a week removed from the 2017 World Darts Championship final, where Michael van Gerwen ousted Gary Anderson and ended the Scot's dominance of the tournament.

And Cooper Tires have capitalised on the buzz surrounding Darts by implementing 'Football Darts' and having Arsenal players give it a go.

Petr Cech, Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain and Granit Xhaka all tried their hand, while legendary Darts referee George Noble was the official and also provided commentary on the action.

Though there weren't any flowery shouts on show or any entrances that saw dance moves even worse than your uncle at a wedding, the concept was similar, as the Arsenal trio took shots at a inflatable dartboard with velcro footballs and tussled it out to see who could get from 301 to zero the quickest.

The person to do so would be crowned the champion.

Oxlade-Chamberlain couldn't resist the constant urge to try and get a bullseye, while Xhaka and Cech played a much smarter game.

And it was the experienced goalkeeper who picked up the win, getting to naught quicker than his teammates.

Xhaka finished the game on five, while 'the Ox' could only manage to get down to 42.

Watch the clip below:

Credit: Cooper Tires

(h/t 101 Great Goals)

Featured Image Credit: Cooper Tires

Josh Lawless

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