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When A Wrestler Took Out Her Tampon And Shoved It In Her Opponent's Face

When A Wrestler Took Out Her Tampon And Shoved It In Her Opponent's Face

Wrestling can be the greatest thing in the world, yes it's fake but it's usually bloody brilliant, Priscilla Kelly though took the 'bloody' to a new limit when she shoved her tampon in her opponent's face.

Wrestler Priscilla Kelly, who was part of WWE's Mae Young Classic in 2018 before losing to Deonna Perruzza in the first round, went viral in January 2019 with perhaps the bloodiest spot in wrestling history, and no blading was needed.

That's because Kelly, who appeared for AEW in January, literally pulled out a tampon from inside her trunks, and from inside somewhere else by the looks of it, presenting the 'foreign object' before rubbing it in her opponents face and mouth.


The whole episode didn't go down well with the wrestling community, period. Twitter was awash with people taking a shot at 22 year old.

Legendary commentator Jim Ross, who now works for AEW, tweeted the video just saying 'embarrassing,' whilst Brian James, best known as Road Dogg, tweeted, "This stuff is the reason some people despise our industry. It's got nothing to do with "taking life seriously" it's about dignity and a personal pride. She obviously has none."

Former WWE wrestler Gail Kim added, "I'm seeing this post of a women's match that got disgusting and I'm not gonna repost it Bc it's seriously a disgrace. Why??? Whoever thought that was a spot that was gonna get a pop and was worth it..... NO. how about telling a story in the ring with your wrestling instead?"

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And Jim Cornette, who famously hates everything about modern wrestling, chipped in with "Anyone who calls themselves a "pro wrestler", yet defends any stupid thing they've done with telling fans "It's fake anyway", male or female, is a piece of shit and should be boiled in oil and have the fat sold for soap. These maggots on the carcass of the business disgust me."


However the spot was no more ridiculous than what a lot of other wrestlers do at certain points, and fit in with Kelly's character perfectly, and she defended herself pointing out the hypocrisy in a tweet, saying, "A penis is funny and awesome. A vagina is disgusting and trashy. ?

"Ya know, it's all fake. 21+ show with a bar. Can't take life so serious all the time. Call me what you will..."

Impact's Joey Ryan himself became viral with his use of the 'Dick Flip,' where the wrestler uses the power of his penis to beat his opposition.


That has also been criticised by people like Cornette but others who criticised Kelly for her tampon 'bit' are all too happy to enjoy what Ryan himself has done.

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