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The Undertaker Is Offering Up Incredible Make-A-Wish WWE Ring Entrance

The Undertaker Is Offering Up Incredible Make-A-Wish WWE Ring Entrance

WWE icon is giving a very special prize to one wrestling fan.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

WWE legend The Undertaker is planning to create a special, one-off ring entrance for a young wrestling fan.

The 'Dead Man' is famed for his spine-tingling ring entrances involving fire, lightning, druids motorcycles, vultures and more.

Now he's going to personally customise a ring entrance for a fan to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Frankly, it sounds like the ultimate WWE experience

"We're gonna sit down and we're gonna create their own personal ring entrance," The Taker told TMZ Sports.

"So, they're gonna tell me: 'Well I wanna do this, I like this, I like this.' So they're gonna get to pick my mind, pick my brain... I know a little about entrances!"

"We'll sit there and formulate their own personal WWE ring entrance and then they'll get to do that entrance."

The big-budget entrance will take place at the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando. The winner will also stay at a luxury hotel, meet other WWE superstars and get a wealth of wrestling merch.

But frankly, hanging out with The Undertaker - real name Mark Calaway - to live out every wrestling fan's dream of planning a dramatic wrestling ring entrance is a wonderful enough prize by itself.

The Undertaker's spooky, spectacular ring entrances have become a key part of the character. For decades, a staple part of each WrestleMania was seeing how each one could possibly top what came before.

But with the Taker having - it seems - hung up his hat, coat and boots and retired, he has more time to help one of his favourite charities. Make-A-Wish helps fulfil the wishes of children with a critical illness, and many WWE stars have contributed over the decades.

"When you get to interact with these children and you know what they're going through - and man, to see the smiles on their faces!? Not to sound cliché but I tell you what, it will put you on point because it makes you realize how blessed you are and it's just a thrill, The Undertaker told TMZ.

"It really has been one of the highlights in my career working with Make-A-Wish."

Taker has done several Make-A-Wish events over the years - but admits he would have happily done far more "if it hadn't been for the character."

Well, now wrestling's greatest ever character is giving back in the best way possible.

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