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WWE Legend Randy Orton Says His 'D**k Is Bigger' Than Soulja Boy In 'F**king Infant' Rant

WWE Legend Randy Orton Says His 'D**k Is Bigger' Than Soulja Boy In 'F**king Infant' Rant

Ring the bell, this one is over.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

WWE legend Randy Orton has mercilessly ended Soulja Boy's career once again - by joking his "d**k is taller" than the rapper.

The duo made headlines earlier this month when Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, called wrestling fake.

Orton hit back with a brutal putdown and ever since, Soulja Boy has been attempting to get one over on 'The Viper.'

After a tweet which read: "You a bitch Randy Orton and I mean that pussy," Orton bit and unleashed a legendary rant.

He said: "My d**k taller then you. Weighs more too. Go to bed you fu**ing infant. You're welcome for the boost. Go choke on a keyboard."

Straight up savage. There isn't really a comeback to do that justice.

Soulja Boy gave it a go anyway and hit back with: "Bro you wear thongs. Leather thongs at that. Stop the cap my money taller than you. To be real I think you scared of me. All that talk I'll smack the s**t out u."

He also said: "WWE scared of me. And Randy organ [sic] pussy. They big cap use somebody else name for ratings. I knew they was too fake to have me there I'll slap the s**t out dude live."

All this started back on March 2 when the 'Crank That' hitmaker tweeted: "Rap game faker than WWE."



T-Bar, formerly of the 'RETRIBUTION' stable, responded and that got 14-time world champion Orton's attention.

It saw him respond with: "Fake? Dare this p***kr to step up. He don't like movies?

"Consider us actors that do stunts, without pads 200 days a year and don't b**ch when we get surgically repaired and come right back.

"Consider us 100 times tougher then anyone you've come across. Ain't nuthin but a b**ch ass..."

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny has been appearing on Monday Night RAW recently and Orton thinks he could give Soulja Boy a beating.

He continued: "Ps @sanbenito [Bad Bunny] would beat the f**k outta you. Why? How? Because he's seen our world.

"Respects it and knows what it takes and finds himself lucky to be a part of it. You wanna talk fake? Pawn that cheap ass chain and come work for it you one hit wonder ass mutha f***a."

WrestleMania is just around the corner. Could Soulja Boy be 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt's secret weapon?

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