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Rare Footage Of Attitude Era Kane Without A Mask

Rare Footage Of Attitude Era Kane Without A Mask

"That's gotta be Kane!" is one of the most iconic introductions to anyone the world of sports entertainment has ever heard but seeing him without the mask is less well known.

Between 1997 and 2002 the 'Big Red Machine' stalked WWE, hiding behind his scary mask, and never revealing his face to anyone.

Eventually Kane lost his mask and shaved his head for a whole new look, that was scary in a whole new list of ways, but seeing the former WWE champion without the mask in his Attitude Era attire is something unseen before.

However the recent WWE documentary series about Kane's 'brother' The Undertaker, 'The Last Ride,' gave us a sneak peak at an unmasked Kane, and it's pretty odd to look at.


Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, joined the company in 1995 and competed as Mike Unabomb, Isaac Yankem and Fake Diesel in the two years before he became Kane.

The Big Red Machine debuted at 'Bad Blood: In Your House' during the main event between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, which was a Hell in a Cell Match.

He came to the ring with Paul Bearer, ripped the door off of the cell and cost 'Taker' the match, in one of the most dramatic entrances for a character.


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During his now 25 years with the company, Kane has won a version of the main title on two occasions and is a 12 time tag team champion.

The Undertaker Is Offering Up Incredible Make-A-Wish WWE Ring Entrance

The Undertaker Is Offering Up Incredible Make-A-Wish WWE Ring Entrance

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He has won different tag belts on three occasions with his 'brother' The Undertaker, including one stint as WCW tag champions when the company was first bought be WWE.

The Triple Crown and Grand Slam winner only appears for the company sporadically these days and splits his time being Mayor of Knox County, although he has won the WWE 24/7 title during his time in office


Kane was one of a few men originally mooted as ending The Deadman's WrestleMania streak, before Brock Lesnar was eventually the one to do so, and recently it was revealed Mark Henry was also on that list of maybes.

Bruce Prichard explained the situation, saying, "I was sitting at my desk in Houston and Vince calls me and says, 'I've got an idea. What do you think about ending Undertaker's streak?'" he said (via Wrestling Inc.). "I said, 'Well, with the right guy he's made.'

"He says, 'Goddamn, that big bastard Mark Henry -- he's ready!' There was silence."


Who was your favourite Attitude Era wrestler who wasn't The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin? Let us know in the comments.

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