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John Cena And Bray Wyatt Have One Of The Craziest Matches Ever

John Cena And Bray Wyatt Have One Of The Craziest Matches Ever

The WrestleMania 36 match was incredible and unlike anything we've seen before.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

John Cena and Bray Wyatt competed in one of the most incredible and crazy matches in the history of WWE on Sunday night at WrestleMania.

WrestleMania 36 was always going to be totally different to any other event in WWE's history but the company really took it to levels no one could have expected.

Saturday night saw The Undertaker and AJ Styles take part in a Boneyard match but it was nothing on Cena and Wyatt taking part on in the Firefly Fun House match.

Cena was transported into Wyatt's world and then 'took on' the former Universal champion with a series of different parts of wrestling and Cena's history being played out.

The Leader of the Cenation's debut against Kurt Angle was played out, as was his rapping era and previous WrestleMania match against Wyatt.

Throughout the match the 42-year-old wasn't able to get close to his wacky opponent, with all of his punches thrown completely missing.

Wyatt even took a shot at the Hollywood film star over his previous relationship with Nikki Bella by singing the former Diva's theme music and mocking her mimicking her dancing.

As well as playing out Cena's former career chapters the pair also played out a scene from WCW Nitro, which was part of the late 90s Monday Night Wars, with Wyatt portraying Eric Bischoff and the NWO.

In the end though Wyatt appeared as his 'Fiend' persona, which has been running through much of the roster since midway through last year.

The scary character put the Mandible claw and earned the three count, with Wyatt acting as referee at the same time the Fiend got the pin.

The match was a hit on social media for most and the 'cinematic' style was a success story for the second night in a row after Taker and Styles started the trend on Saturday.

With no fans able to attend Mania it was held over two days for the first time and was all pre recorded, allowing for the extremely different matches.

WrestleMania may never see anything like the Firefly Funhouse match ever again, but for one night we're very glad it happened.

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