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Kevin Owens Jumps From WrestleMania Sign In Match Against Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens Jumps From WrestleMania Sign In Match Against Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens showed incredible balance and guts as he leapt off the WrestleMania sign in his win over Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 36.

It was an odd night in Orlando as the grandest stage of all didn't feel that grand at all, taking place at the company's Performance Centre with no fans in attendance.

However Owens and Rollins put on a brilliant match that, if anything, was enhanced by the lack of noise from the usual raucous Mania crowd.

The highlight of the match came when KO put himself in danger by jumping off the WrestleMania sign and onto a prone Rollins, who was lying on the announcers table.


Former two time Universal champion Rollins, who has been calling himself the 'Monday Night Messiah' came to the ring all dressed in white but his actions were far from pure.

After an excellent back and forth between the two rivals the 33-year-old finished the fight by clearly hitting his opponent in the face with the ring bell, causing the referee to award the match to Owens by disqualification.

KO wasn't happy though and goaded Rollins to restart the fight as a no DQ match, in order to earn his win.


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The match, which had been good until the initial finish, ramped up after the restart and really benefited from having no crowd noise.

Rollins smack talk, including calling his opponent a 'fat piece of cr*p,' along with the shots by both men with the ring bell and steel chairs could be heard perfectly on television, which wouldn't usually be the case.

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At the beginning of the night a lack of grand or grandiose entrances had really seemed to impact what is known as the 'Showcase of the Immortals' and despite decent matches fans on social media had a mixed reaction to the show.

Just before the Rollins vs KO match, though, things changed John Morrison, Jimmy Uso and Kofi Kingston fought a triple threat ladder match and put on an incredible match, putting their bodies on the line despite the lack of a crowd.

KO and Rollins then had their excellent fight before Goldberg and Braun Strowman had a short but intense hard hitting fight.

Finally the Undertaker and AJ Styles stole the show with the most unique match in the history of 'Mania.'


All that and we've still got night two to come.

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