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What Brock Lesnar Said To Braun Strowman After Being Kneed In The Head

What Brock Lesnar Said To Braun Strowman After Being Kneed In The Head

The advice 'don't piss Brock Lesnar off' hardly needs saying but just in case you had any thoughts of doing wrong to the Beast Incarnate then Braun Strowman is a great example of why not to. And Lesnar had some stern words for his rival.

Royal Rumble 2018 was pretty special because it had two rumble matches booked to utter perfection...erm I mean amazingly everything went as well as WWE could have hoped for because it's all real.

Whilst all the women were busy making history and the men were hoping they wouldn't end up being booed by the crowd for not being Daniel Bryan there was a Beast, a Machine and a Monster battling for the WWE's Universal title.

The main headline from that match was Brock Lesnar somehow not decapitating Braun Strowman as the former UFC heavyweight champ smacked his opponent square in the head, for reals, after Strowman had accidentally gone a little strong on a knee to Lesnar.


But it wasn't just a piece of his fist that Lesnar left on his much less experienced opponent. The Universal champ, who has now reigned for longer than 300 days, also had words for Strowman.

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Strowman, a former Strongman champion, hasn't been wrestling long at all and only started training in the WWE's performance centre in 2013 and making his debut on Raw in mid 2015.

He has risen drastically since but the knee to Lesnar was some extremely sloppy work and after the punch to the head, which certainly rocked him for the rest of the match, will have him thinking twice.


Lesnar will now head to Wrestlemania where he will face the winner of the elimination chamber match, Roman Reigns obviously, at which point his reign as champions will have reached a year.

Strowman will be in the chamber match but it's unlikely he'll win so who knows what he'll be doing when Mania rocks around but there's surely no doubt he'll end up as champion one day.

One thing is certain, he won't be rushing in to hit Lesnar anytime soon.

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