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Tyson Fury And Braun Strowman Brawl On Monday Night Raw

Tyson Fury And Braun Strowman Brawl On Monday Night Raw

The lineal heavyweight champion made his second WWE appearance in a week and this time things got physical and a brawl broke out.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman couldn't be pulled apart by the WWE locker room as the two men brawled as Monday Night Raw went off air.

Last week Fury made a surprise appearance on Smackdown's debut on FOX and the lineal heavyweight champion had to be taken away by security after jumping the barrier to try and confront Strowman, after the WWE Superstar threw Dolph Ziggler at Fury.

On Monday the Gypsy King was invited to the ring on Raw and he demanded an apology from the Monster Among Men, instead the pair ended up brawling, with security and other wrestlers unable to keep the two behemoths apart.

Raw went off air with the two men eventually being held back by the other Superstars, although the pair of heavyweights were hell bent on getting their hands on each other.

Eventually, with the cameras still rolling, Strowman did leave the ring but Fury wasn't done. The lineal heavyweight champion managed to land one knockout blow to Cesaro.

Fury was asked earlier on the show why he tried to provoke Strowman which he denied saying, "I'm not trying to provoke him. He tried to make a fool out of me by throwing Dolph into me and I want an apology."

But the former Wyatt Family member hit back saying, "I was trying to have a little fun when I saw Tyson Fury sitting ringside at WWE Smackdown - but if he wants to get serious then so do I.

"Tyson Fury's got a mean punch, but so do I.

"So if he wants an apology, he'd better ask nicely - because if he does, he might just get one. But if he doesn't, he might just get... these hands."

Whilst Fury awaits the outcome of Deontay Wilder's rematch with Luis Ortiz, and hopes to get his own rematch with the Bronze Bomber should he win, it looks likely he'll get his hands on Strowman sooner rather than later.

With WWE returning to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel on October 31st it looks like the perfect opportunity for the undefeated boxer to 'get these hands.'

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