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PROGRESS Wrestling Says Goodbye To The King Of The Goths Jimmy Havoc

PROGRESS Wrestling Says Goodbye To The King Of The Goths Jimmy Havoc

Jimmy Havoc bows out of PROGRESS Wrestling, the place where he really made his name, on Monday with one final deathmatch against Paul Robinson, we spoke to some of the people who might miss him most, and the least.

It wouldn't be unfair on the owners of PROGRESS Wrestling to suggest that without Jimmy Havoc and his title reign they wouldn't be where they are today, heck they even admit it themselves.


Havoc's 609 day reign from Chapter 10 in November 2013 to Chapter 20 in July 2015 was a period that springboarded the company to great heights with their champion's work as the bad guy holding dominion on the promotion some of the best character work in wrestling.

On Monday Havoc bows out of the place that has been his home since 2012 with the Camden native set to move to America to work for AEW.

Before he says his goodbyes though the 35 year old will have one last deathmatch, would it be anything else, against long time rival Paul Robinson at day three of PROGRESS' Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

It's bound to be an emotional farewell once the ref counts to three and the bell rings, something owner Glen Joseph hasn't been letting himself think about, "I haven't thought about it, deliberately. Because I don't want to think about it. I'll think about it when it happens, because it still doesn't seem real right now. He's ingrained in the fabric of what we do, I don't want to talk about it because I'll get upset."

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And his fellow owner Jim Smallman admits that he's happy for his friend but will miss him too, "I'm sad because he's my mate. I'm super happy for him because I want him to achieve everything he wants to do in the world and this is obviously the right decision for him.

"I'm sad that my mate won't be around anymore and because he's a huge part of the history of this company. It's very easy to propose the question 'if Jimmy hadn't had existed would we have existed?' certainly not to the level we have done, so we have a huge amount to be grateful for because of Jimmy. Not just when he was champion but everything he's done for us.

"But from a personal standpoint I just won't get to see my mate as often, which is sad. I'm going to be emotional when I have to announce him for the last time, it'll get to me a lot."

After Havoc lost the title in 2015 he later had an injury that took him out of action for a year, returning at Chapter 36 in September 2016 to help Mark Haskins to win the title from Marty Scurll.

The former TNA star would later team up with Haskins and the Ring of Honor star has enjoyed working with his friend as a tag partner, "I think Jimmy has added years to my body because I've had to do all the work whilst he drinks.

"It's been a lot of fun, I've known Jimmy for a long time and it's been great tagging with him for the last couple of years.

"I'm going to miss him in a really weird way, it's like the weird drunk uncle who lingers round the house."

Whilst Havoc's in ring persona is what has captured the PROGRESS audience it's also his work behind the scenes that has had an impact on the locker room.

Vicky Haskins, who has been a huge part of the team with Jimmy and her husband Mark, explained the impact he had on her and the British wrestling scene, "Jimmy's incredible, he's helped the British scene so so much.

"The one thing for me that Jimmy has brought is that he's himself, unapologetically. And for me that's a really positive thing because a lot of people come into wrestling really nervous and they're not really sure of themselves. I was there once and Jimmy helped me to realise it's okay to be me, and it's okay to like death matches and it's okay to bring out barbed wire and be you."

Session Moth Martina, who will face Jordynne Grace, Millie Mckenzie and Nina Samuels for the Women's title on Monday also eulogised about the impact the King of the Goths has had on her, adding, "That [his last match] is going to make me cry, I'm going to cry. He's been one of the most supportive, helpful, people. He's helped me so much in wrestling. He's helped me emotionally, personally, he's just one of the greatest guys you'll ever meet. It's going to be a major change for me personally"

However not everyone will miss Havoc. Today's opponent Paul Robinson has had plenty of scraps with the former champion down the years, including at Wembley Arena last year, but that doesn't mean that Robbo is a fan of today's opponent, "He's had a big impact on the work we've done here. Jimmy's alrite, he's a bit of a dick.

"He's a depressing drunk who's managed to land himself a lucky contract, that's it, genuinely how I feel. He's good at what he does, he's led the way in Progress, I'm thankful for the opportunities he's given me along the way but I genuinely don't like the guy."

Whatever you think about Havoc there's no doubt that when the ref counts to three on Monday afternoon the crowd will rise to their feet, many with tears in their eyes, and they'll sing AFI's I Hope You Suffer one last time.

PROGRESS without Jimmy Havoc would be a very different place, now we're about to find out what the future holds without him.

Tickets for Monday's show are still available. Go to PROGRESS Wrestling for more details or head to Alexandra Palace to purchase.

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PROGRESS Wrestling Says Goodbye To The King Of The Goths Jimmy Havoc

PROGRESS Wrestling Says Goodbye To The King Of The Goths Jimmy Havoc

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