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WWE Star Enzo Amore Is Refusing To Remove The Penis On His Driving Licence

WWE Star Enzo Amore Is Refusing To Remove The Penis On His Driving Licence

The WWE superstar is pi***d at 'the state of Delaware' for trying to get him to change the signature on his driving licence.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

WWE Cruiserweight Champion and 'Realest Guy In The Room' Enzo Amore is seriously pissed off right now. Why? Because the Delaware Department of Vehicles is trying to get him to remove the dick on his driving licence. Obviously.

Credit: Enzo Amore / Instagram

Amore - real name Eric Anthony Arndt - posted the ranty video to Instagram with the caption: "I know my rights, & I know how to sign my signature. And the State of Delaware is about to find that out."

In the video he rages about the DMV calling him up and asking him to provide a new signature for his licence - as the one that's on there already is, well, just a penis.

"So listen, I got issues with the state of Delaware," he begins. "I've been a busy guy lately - been Abu Dhabi, been India - and my phone has been ringing off the damn hook. And I've been hitting the FU button on the side and sending it straight to voicemail because I know who it is. It's the state of Delaware and I know what they want.

"They want me to come in a get a new signature on my licence, 'cause my current is unacceptable.I gotta get a new picture - the whole lot.

"So I'm walking in there with a great hairstyle and a great attitude, 'cause I represent myself in court, in life and in the DMV.

"And I always win 'cause I'm the realest champ in the room."

He then starts yelling: "And there ain't no way the state of Delaware is gonna tell me how to sign my own licence. I've been signing this thing since grade school," holding the licence - and the offending signature - up to the camera.

"Looks like an 'EA' to me, Delaware. What do you think, huh? You got a problem Delaware?"

Amore then cuts his own rant short, thankfully.

He also posted another photo to Instagram not long after, this time saying: "State of Delaware called me, they told me it's time I come in & change the signature on my license. I told em nah, I'm Gucci. #EA#iKnowMyRights#HowYouGunnaTellMeHowToSignMyOwnSignature"

I mean, you can shout and scream all you like, Enzo... but that's definitely a dick.

Featured Image Credit: Flickr / Miguel Discart

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