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Randy Orton Ended Soulja Boy's Career In Brutal Twitter Argument After 'Fake' WWE Jibe

Randy Orton Ended Soulja Boy's Career In Brutal Twitter Argument After 'Fake' WWE Jibe

Orton didn't hold back and went in hard on Soulja Boy.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

WWE legend Randy Orton become embroiled in a bizarre feud with Soulja Boy after the rapper called wrestling 'fake' on Twitter.

Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, brought fury from fans on Tuesday by tweeting: "Rap game faker than WWE."

T-Bar from the 'RETRIBUTION' stable responded and that got 14-time world champion Orton's attention.

It saw Orton respond with: "Fake? Dare this p***kr to step up. He don't like movies?

"Consider us actors that do stunts, without pads 200 days a year and don't b**ch when we get surgically repaired and come right back.

"Consider us 100 times tougher then anyone you've come across. Ain't nuthin but a b**ch ass..."

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny has been appearing on Monday Night RAW recently and Orton thinks he could give Soulja Boy a beating.

He continued: "Ps @sanbenito [Bad Bunny] would beat the f**k outta you. Why? How? Because he's seen our world.

"Respects it and knows what it takes and finds himself lucky to be a part of it. You wanna talk fake? Pawn that cheap ass chain and come work for it you one hit wonder ass mutha f***a."



It saw Soulja Boy come back with a threat of: "Do u know who the f**k I am. I'll bring the REAL to wrestling don't play with me. Randy Ortonnnnnnnn??????????

The future WWE Hall of Famer took no prisoners with his reply and said: "Crank That came out in '07 you had a hell of a year. Serious $. Hats off to ya my dude. Here's the thing tho... I like rap.

"I bump that s**t all day whether it's tunechi, meek, JZ...but you call what I do to survive, fake? F**k that. Come to my world and say that. Dare ya."

Soulja Boy then invited 'The Viper' to his world with: "If you mad because I spit facts just say that. What you do is FAKE and I stand on that. What I do is REAL. Come to your world? Lol welcome to Soulja World."

Orton looks to have offered Soulja Boy the chance to enter WWE with: "U spittin facts? Seems like all you spittin is the same mess you rap about. Nut. Clear your throat my dawg, and be there. Enough talk. Back it up."

The 30-year-old hit back: "Cap wrestler. If u really want big draco to pull up say less."

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