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WWE Legend The Undertaker Reveals He Confronted Vince McMahon Over The Infamous Montreal Screwjob

WWE Legend The Undertaker Reveals He Confronted Vince McMahon Over The Infamous Montreal Screwjob

Future WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker said that the Montreal Screwjob is "one of the great wrestling stories of that era and that decade."

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

The Undertaker has admitted that he was "p****d" with Vince McMahon for going ahead with the Montreal Screwjob and not using an alternative plan involving the 'Deadman.'

WWE legends Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels famously clashed at the 1997 Survivor Series for the WWE Championship in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

And Hart was set to leave for rival promotion WCW and had no intention of dropping the title to Michaels, who he famously had heat with in the 1990s.

McMahon went ahead with plans to screw the two-time Hall of Famer without his knowledge and called for the bell as Michaels locked in Hart's signature Sharpshooter finisher.

Speaking on The Bill Simmons Podcast, The Undertaker was furious that he wasn't used in facing Hart for the WWE Championship instead of Michaels.

The 55-year-old WWE legend explained: "I was p****d. I was p****d about the whole thing because I was like, I could have possibly been used to get what we needed.

"Take Shawn out of this, let me do it and then I'll do business on the other side and I think Bret probably would have gone for that.




"I mean, there was such disdain at that time between the two of them and Bret was leaving but I was just like, if you had come to me with this too, and it's his company and he did what he thought what was best, but I was like I think I could've helped this whole thing out. I'm going to do business, but it happened, and I was p****d.

"The next day, we were supposed to show up by noon for a TV day and I think I rolled it around five the next day because I didn't know because I was so p****d about the whole thing and the way it went down.

"I had to gather myself because I was, my intentions when I got there was like I'm going off on somebody about this."

The Undertaker, who penned a long-term deal with WWE in 2019, recalled how he confronted McMahon the following day on Monday Night Raw.

And 'Taker, real name Mark Calaway, said that the WWE chairman and CEO agreed that he should have approached him first over the situation.


"'If this kind of s**t happens again, you've got to involve me here, because it doesn't have to go down like this,'" the 'Phenom' told McMahon.

"And he agreed. I guess it all worked out. It was sad. I'm really tight with Bret. Bret could've done some things differently; Shawn could've done things differently; Vince could've done things differently.

"But [...] that's one of the great wrestling stories of that era and that decade: the Montreal Screwjob."

The future Hall of Famer is currently the subject of a brilliant new five-part WWE documentary, Undertaker: The Last Ride.

Featured Image Credit: WWE/YouTube

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