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Triple H 'Would Love' To Have Drew McIntyre Show Up In NXT UK

Triple H 'Would Love' To Have Drew McIntyre Show Up In NXT UK

Triple H is in favour of WWE main roster Drew McIntyre making an appearance in NXT UK after granting Cesaro the opportunity to be part of the brand.

Cesaro is in Cardiff for the latest NXT UK Takeover event at the Motorpoint Arena, having pestered the 14-time world champion to allow him to make the switch.

But Cesaro isn't the only one. McIntyre, who was integral in building the thriving Scottish wrestling scene thanks to his work with Insane Championship Wrestling during his time away from WWE, told SPORTbible he was "jealous" of Finn Balor after seeing him turn up at the inaugural NXT UK Takeover event in Blackpool earlier this year.


The Scottish Psychopath has also been nagging the executive vice president of talent, live events and creative - and the 50-year old is more than willing to make it happen.

"I think that the opportunity when you see guys like Drew McIntyre talking about a brand, it's because that brand is hot," The Game told SPORTbible on a conference call on Friday.

"They see something that is on fire and we all live for the adrenaline rush of fans being wild and passionate about things. When a guy like Drew McIntyre says 'I see UK and I see it on fire and I want to step in a ring with Walter' it's because he sees something special happening and he wants to be part of it.

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"If his schedule permits and he has the ability then I would love to make that happen. I think you see that this weekend with Cesaro. He was on his way to China, I saw him before he left and when he got back. His desire is to come to the UK and see what's happening there first hand.

"To be in that arena in Cardiff, to see that crowd and hear that crowd and be a part of it. It's a strong desire for him and I know he's looking forward to testing out the UK to make sure it's everything they say it is."

While stars from Raw, Smackdown and NXT have come to the UK to see what's happening on these shores, Triple H expects more UK stars to get air-time on NXT after it was announced the weekly show will be live for two hours on USA Network every Wednesday.

"I think the NXT UK brand continues to bring surprises and excitement, not only to their brand in the UK and to pull outside people into their brand, but also come to the US and be a part of something very special like moving to the USA Network," he added.


"I would expect a lot of the UK stars to have a platform and an opportunity there on a regular basis."

Tonight's NXT UK Takeover event starts at 7:00pm, live on the WWE Network. You can also follow LIVE coverage from the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff on SPORTbible's Instagram.

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