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​The 50 Greatest WWE Entrance Themes Of All Time Have Been Ranked

​The 50 Greatest WWE Entrance Themes Of All Time Have Been Ranked

Randy Orton has walked away with the ultimate bragging rights after his current entrance theme was named the best in the history of WWE.

The 39-year-old WWE superstar adopted his current 'Voices' theme over a decade ago and became an instant favourite with fans.

And now fans over at the TheTopTens have voted Orton's theme as the best of the best in WWE's long-running history.


Future WWE Hall of Famer Orton made the rankings twice, with his former theme 'Burn In My Light' coming in at the No 24 spot.

WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin also holds down multiple positions in the rankings, with three of his themes making the top 50.

Joining Orton and Stone Cold in the list includes wrestling legends Triple H, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and Eddie Guerrero.

Posted below are the 50 best WWE themes of all time, according to fans.

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

50. Daniel Bryan: 'Flight Of The Valkyries'

49. New Age Outlaws: 'Oh You Didn't Know'

48. Chris Jericho: 'King Of My World' (Saliva)


47. Reverend D-Von (D-Von Dudley): 'Eyes Of Righteousness'

46. Seth Rollins: 'The Second Coming (Burn It Down)'

45. Christian: 'At Last'

44. Shinsuke Nakamura: 'Shadows Of A Setting Sun'


43. The Undertaker: 'Dark Side'

42. Cody Rhodes: 'Smoke And Mirrors'

41. Stone Cold Steve Austin: 'Hell Frozen Over'

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

40. Matt Hardy: 'Live For The Moment'

39. New World Order (nWo): 'Rockhouse'

38. Shinsuke Nakamura: 'The Rising Sun'

37. Kane: 'Burned'

36. Alex Riley: 'Say It To My Face'

35. Rey Mysterio: 'Booyaka'

34. The Miz: 'I Came To Play'

33. Vince McMahon: 'No Chance In Hell'

32. Zack Ryder: 'Oh Radio'

31. Wade Barrett: 'End Of Days'

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Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

30. Triple H: 'King Of Kings' (Motorhead)

29. Nexus: 'We Are One'

28. Eddie Guerrero: 'I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal'

27. Bray Wyatt: 'Live In Fear'

26. Goldberg: 'Invasion'

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25. Gangrel: 'Blood'

24. Randy Orton: 'Burn In My Light' (Mercy Drive)

23. Jeff Hardy: 'No More Words'

22. Chris Benoit: 'Whatever' (Our Lady Peace)

21. D-Generation X: 'Break It Down' (The Chris Warren Band)

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

20. Kane: 'Out Of The Fire'

19. Batista: 'I Walk Alone' (Saliva)

18. Evolution: 'Line In The Sand' (Motorhead)

17. Rob Van Dam: 'One Of A Kind' (Breaking Point)

16. John Cena: 'Word Life'

15. Stone Cold Steve Austin: 'Glass Shatters' (Disturbed)

14. Christian: 'Just Close Your Eyes'

13. Stone Cold Steve Austin: 'I Won't Do What You Tell Me'

12. Brock Lesnar: 'Here Comes The Pain'

11. Sheamus: 'Written On My Face'

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

10. Hulk Hogan: 'Real American' (Rick Derringer)

9. Kane: 'Slow Chemical' (Finger Eleven)

8. The Undertaker: 'Rest In Peace'

7. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: 'Electrifying'

6. Chris Jericho: 'Break The Walls Down'

5. CM Punk: 'This Fire Burns' (Killswitch Engage)

4. CM Punk: 'Cult Of Personality' (Living Colour)

3. Edge: 'Metalingus' (Alter Bridge)

2. Triple H: 'The Game' (Motorhead)

1. Randy Orton: 'Voices'

Credit: WWE
Credit: WWE

You can view the complete rankings, which features over 100 wrestling entrance tracks, over at TheTopTens.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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