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Tyson Fury Landed KO Shot On WWE Superstar Cesaro After Raw Went Off Air

Tyson Fury Landed KO Shot On WWE Superstar Cesaro After Raw Went Off Air

Tyson Fury landed a 'knockout blow' on WWE superstar Cesaro when Monday Night Raw went off air.

Just days after appearing on WWE Smackdown last Friday, the former heavyweight champion confronted Braun Strowman again, but this time "The Gypsy King" went face-to-face with 'The Monster Among Men' inside the ring.

The pair exchanged 'pleasantries' and unsurprisingly, things got heated at the Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix.


A number of WWE superstars, accompanied by several useless security guards, were forced to intervene, although the pair of heavyweights were hell bent on getting their hands on each other.

Finally the pair were separated but Fury wasn't finished.

The 31-year-old decided to throw a right hand at Cesaro when cameras stopped rolling. Cesaro was only trying to calm Fury down but he was floored seconds later with two quick jabs.

Fan footage from the incident soon emerged online.


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Fury was asked earlier on the show why he tried to provoke Strowman which he denied saying:

"I'm not trying to provoke him. He tried to make a fool out of me by throwing Dolph into me and I want an apology."

But the former Wyatt Family member hit back. "I was trying to have a little fun when I saw Tyson Fury sitting ringside at WWE Smackdown - but if he wants to get serious then so do I. Tyson Fury's got a mean punch, but so do I.


"So if he wants an apology, he'd better ask nicely - because if he does, he might just get one. But if he doesn't, he might just get... these hands."

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