Brock Lesnar Once Broke Opponent Hardcore Holly's Neck After Botched Powerbomb Attempt

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Brock Lesnar Once Broke Opponent Hardcore Holly's Neck After Botched Powerbomb Attempt

Brock Lesnar broke Bob 'Hardcore' Holly's neck on an episode of Friday Night SmackDown! in 2002 after attempting a powerbomb in the middle of the ring.

it is widely believed that Holly, who often was accused of sandbagging, was being 'stiff' with Lesnar throughout the match, meaning that he intentionally put his full weight into a move instead of helping his opponent out.

Lesnar, becoming more and more frustrated by Holly's actions, soon lifted the veteran for a standard powerbomb

But the process was far from smooth and eventually, after an initial struggle, Holly was slammed neck first on the canvas. (7 minutes into the below footage)


Holly was sidelined for over a year as a result of the botched move, returning at the 2003 edition of Survivor Series.

Many have speculated about the incident as to whether it was intentional or not, but Bob Holly himself spoke about the incident years later.


He confirmed that it was just an accident because the "timing" was off. Holly also revealed that the pair remain good friends.

"Things happen, and it just happened." Holly told All Things Wrestling Radio


"The timing was off, and it wasn't malicious, it wasn't intended to happen, and Brock and I are good friends in and out of the ring. So, we had a good working relationship. I enjoyed working with him.

"After it happened, he felt bad, and he called me after my surgery and he'd check on me periodically and see how I was doing. So, for these people that think they know what happened, they don't."

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