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Mick Foley Would Do Hell In A Cell Rematch With The Undertaker For 'A Certain Price'

Mick Foley Would Do Hell In A Cell Rematch With The Undertaker For 'A Certain Price'

WWE legend Mick Foley has admitted he would come out of retirement in Saudi Arabia for a rematch of his classic Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker.

WWE signed a controversial 10-year deal with the Saudi General Sports Authority in 2018 and have staged two events in the Gulf country.

With the mega riches Saudi Arabia has at their disposal, Shawn Michaels was tempted to come out of retirement after eight years away for one more match in November - while it was recently announced that Hall of Famer Goldberg will return to the ring in June for the next Saudi event.


And despite plenty of negativity towards the relationship WWE has with Saudi Arabia, who do no allow WWE's thriving women's division to perform, Foley says a big-money offer would be too much to turn down.

Speaking on talkSPORT's Pro Wrestling show, Foley admitted: "I said to a friend of mine - take exception to the state of things over there. He goes, 'How would you do it?' I said 'I'm lucky I don't have to make that choice.' I have to be honest, I can be had for a certain price.

"If they wanted a rematch of the cell badly enough, and are willing to pay for, by God, they'll probably get it. Working slower than I did 21 years ago, but I'd be out there."


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Daniel Bryan and John Cena, two of WWE's top stars, famously dropped out of their scheduled appearances at the 'Crown Jewel' event in relation the state of affairs over in Saudi Arabia.

WWE Legend Mick Foley Thinks Roman Reigns And Jey Uso Will Main Event Hell In A Cell

WWE Legend Mick Foley Thinks Roman Reigns And Jey Uso Will Main Event Hell In A Cell

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The chances of seeing Foley and Undertaker recreate history are pretty slim at this point given the physical condition the pair are in, but never say never in the wrestling business.

The two played out one of the 'great' moments in WWE history back at the King of the Ring event in 1998 when 'Taker' sent Foley crashing 16 feet from the top of the cell into the Spanish announce table, prompting one of the most iconic calls from commentator Jim Ross.


"Mrs Foley's baby boy" had dislocated his shoulder in the death-defying stunt but being the mad man he is, decided he wanted to endure further punishment. He got off his stretcher and went back on top of the cell with the Deadman.

The Phenom then chokeslammed his opponent on top of the cell and a panel gave way, sending the three-time WWE champion crashing through onto the canvas, in another horrible landing.

In his book, Foley said that after the match chairman Vince McMahon made him promise to "never do anything like that again." Taker also thought he'd killed his opponent following the manoeuver.

Whilst the daredevil had suffered a concussion, he somehow found it within himself to finish the match - taking a tombstone piledriver to end the contest.

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