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Florida Teenager Arrested For Performing RKO On Fake Alligator

Josh Lawless

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Florida Teenager Arrested For Performing RKO On Fake Alligator

Remember Gianny Sosa-Hernandez, the Florida high school student who was arrested for attempting to land an RKO on his principal?

Well, he was in court again for the second time in five days for doing his best Randy Orton impression yet again - this time for damaging a life-size plastic display alligator at The Falls Shopping Center in Miami-Dade County, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

This particular incident happened on March 30, a couple of weeks before he heard voices in his head and slithered after his teacher.


A video posted on social media shows Gianny remove his sweatshirt, jump over a barrier, hurl the alligator into the pond before elbow-dropping it and landing an RKO 'Outta Nowhere'.

He was charged with criminal mischief, with the manager of the mall saying the ornament is worth $3,690.

The 18-year old stood before judge Renetha Francis on April 16 mere days after his first appearance and she addressed him by rolling her eyes and saying, "You're back".

According to Miami Herald, Francis also told him the teen he has "got to find something else to do" as he will end up becoming "a media sensation for all the wrong reasons."

On April 11, Sosa was charged with battery on a school official after trying Randy Orton's famous finisher on Miami Southridge Senior High School's principal.

In footage that went viral, the teenager can be heard shouting "RKO!" before principal manages to stop the move from landing properly by catching the student in mid-air.

Humberto Miret, who was identified as the victim, was not hurt in the incident, according to the arrest report.

In court, defense attorney Roy Ugarte called the arrest report "hands down one of the most insane" he's ever read. "Everyone knows wrestling is fake," Ugarte said in court, according to the Miami Herald.

"It shouldn't have been arrestable." he added.

Sosa's sister, Camila, defender her younger sibling and explained the reason why he performs such stunts.

"He was just doing the videos for fun," she said.

"He's always trying to make people laugh. He's never tried to harm anyone. He's just trying to have a good time and be a kid."

Sosa is definitely not following WWE's "Don't try this!" motto.

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Josh Lawless
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