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Brock Lesnar Left Fans In Hysterics With Incredible One Liner

Brock Lesnar Left Fans In Hysterics With Incredible One Liner

The WWE Champion and his advocate Paul Heyman had a brilliant encounter with R-Truth, who soon realised he didn't want to know 'what's up.'

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Brock Lesnar might be one of the scariest men on the planet but on Monday's WWE Raw he managed to make everyone laugh, and not out of fear.

WWE champions Lesnar isn't a man to take lightly, after all he is a former UFC heavyweight champion, but R-Truth certainly wasn't ready to back down with a fight, although he wanted one with Lesnar's 'advocate' Paul Heyman.

Lesnar is set to take part in the Royal Rumble at the end of the month but Truth came down to the ring to challenge Heyman, because he thought the former ECW was the man taking part.

Whilst everyone was loving Lesnar's reaction to the now former 24/7 champion, and his cracking up, the former NCAA champion then ended the hilarity by hitting an F5 on Truth.

However there was still laughter to be had as the champ put an exclamation mark on proceedings by borrowing his downed opponents catch phrase and telling him 'That's what's up.'

The misery didn't end there for the former WWE tag champ. As he was being helped to the back of the arena he was attacked my Mojo Rawley.

The former Andre the Giant Battle Royal winner then pinned Truth and took the 24/7 title off him, a belt he's really made his own and held on 30 occasions already.

Lesnar entering the Rumble later this month is rare for a champion to do but the plans for him at Wrestlemania are reportedly up in the air right now.

There are reports that he could face former UFC rival Cain Velasquez at 'Mania' 36 or he could face Tyson Fury, as long as the boxer is victorious in his rematch with Deontay Wilder next month.

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