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WWE Fans Furious After Hell In A Cell Ends With Confusing DQ Finish

WWE Fans Furious After Hell In A Cell Ends With Confusing DQ Finish

Fans had been hoping that 'The Fiend' would become Universal Champion at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view but it wasn't to be.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

WWE fans left the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento showing their dissatisfaction on Sunday night, after Hell in a Cell ended with a strange DQ loss for Seth Rollins.

Universal champion Rollins was defending his title against 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell match at the event which shares the same name as the match.

Traditionally those matches can only end in a three count or submission and anything goes but on Sunday it managed to end in a disqualification to Rollins, meaning the title didn't change hands. As the lights went up in the arena fans showed their dissatisfaction by booing, with some chanting for rival AEW.

At the conclusion of the fight, which was conducted under a right light during its entirety, Rollins hit Wyatt with several Stomps only for the Fiend to kick out at one.

That left the champion with no other option than to hit Wyatt with multiple chair shots but again the leader of the Firefly Funhouse kicked out.

Eventually Rollins attacked his opponent with a ladder, a tool box and finally a sledgehammer, even though the referee asked him not to, and that's when the official called for the bell and a DQ win for Wyatt.

Hell in a Cell matches have often seen wrestlers use the same weapons that ended the match as well as interferences from other wrestlers ending fights and people being thrown off and through the cell, usually Mick Foley.

Even other wrestlers couldn't believe that there was a DQ in the cell with X-Pac asking on WWE's 'Watch Along' on YouTube 'how do you get DQ'd in a Hell in a freaking Cell.'

It was actually the second year in a row that the event had ended in a 'non finish' controversy as last year Brock Lesnar broke into the cell and attacked Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

The controversy and backlash comes at the worst time for WWE as they came off the back of a great week in which Smackdown debut on Fox and Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez made appearances to create buzz and excitement.

Fans will hope the Fiend's character, which has been brilliant, can recover from this latest nonsense.

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