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Bellator's David Rickels Comes To The Ring As Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bellator's David Rickels Comes To The Ring As Stone Cold Steve Austin

After the win Rickels gave his trainer a Stone Cold Stunner. No better way to get in the mood for Wrestlemania 35 next week.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Stone Cold Steve Austin made his MMA debut on Friday night at Bellator 219, or at least that's what it looked like when David Rickels made his way to the Octagon to take on A.J. Matthews.

Wrestlemania 35 is just over one week away which means we're well and truly into Wrestlemania nostalgia season with WWE often reminding us it's been x amount of years since all sorts of brilliant moments in the history of the event.

Monday is the 18th anniversary of Wrestlemania X-7, often considered the greatest edition of the event, when Stone Cold Steve Austin faced the Rock in the night's main event.

Stone Cold has long retired from action inside the squared circle, making his final appearance two years later at the same event against the same opposition, but now it appears that he's taken up MMA.

Well at least David Rickels was tapping into Austin's attitude when he came to the octagon dressed as the Rattlesnake on his way to his Bellator 219 fight with A.J Matthews.

'The Caveman,' as he's known, got the win with a TKO after Matthews suffered an eye injury during the fight, and he celebrated by giving his coach a Stone Cold Stunner, a fitting way to end his night:

The win left Rickels with a 25-2 record in MMA and gave him his second win in a row after losing to Brit Michael 'Venom' Page at Bellator 200 last May.

It certainly is the kind of thing that makes people stand up and take notice and we're all for more of this kind of thing. It might take a little longer to get to the octagon but someone needs to try the Undertaker's entrance in MMA.

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