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Khabib Nurmagomedov Shows How You've Probably Been Announcing His Name Wrong

Khabib Nurmagomedov Shows How You've Probably Been Announcing His Name Wrong

The UFC star is due to take on Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 but there's still no confirmation where it will take place.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Khabib Nurmagomedov might be one of the most high profile UFC stars in the world but that doesn't mean any of us are actually pronouncing the Russian's name right.

The lightweight champion is undefeated in MMA, with a 28-0 record, and is hoping to add to that on April 19th, when he is finally meant to be taking on Tony Ferguson.

Before that fight takes place though we should probably all learn how to say the Russian's name correctly, something he explained on 'UFC Tonight' in the past.

Khabib has been due to face Ferguson on four occasions previously in the past but one or the other has had to pull on every previous occasion.

El Cucuy has become the obvious next contender for Khabib's title by winning his last 12 fights in a row, with his last defeat coming in 2012 to Michael Johnson.

However the 36-year-old doesn't know if he'll actually get the chance to win his first undisputed title, he's previously been interim champ, because of Covid-19.

Most sporting events have been cancelled but as yet UFC president Dana White has refused to cancel the fight that should be taking place in New York in just under four weeks.

UFC has already cancelled three events but White wants the UFC 249 main event to go ahead, even though all sporting events in the US have been cancelled to stop mass gatherings during the pandemic.

Nurmagomedov's coach Javier Mendez suggested the fight could be in the middle east, saying, "I don't know where the fights will take place, but I know Dana is keeping on to the Khabib vs Tony fights, because that's further ahead, it's almost four and a half weeks away.

"It still has some breathing room and time to manoeuvre. Can it go overseas? Possibly, but it all depends on the air flights, Trump might just put a ban on all flights.

"I do see a probable scenario, like Khabib's father said, and that's fighting in Abu Dhabi. We haven't been prepared for it but if that's where it goes it makes sense."

Ferguson's last fight was a win against Donald Cerrone. Image: PA Images
Ferguson's last fight was a win against Donald Cerrone. Image: PA Images

Speaking to CNN, White claimed his refusal to delay UFC 249 was to keep entertaining members of the public, saying, "If I can still figure out ways to run the UFC and do it safely, and not put any of my people in harm then we were going to do it.

"In times like these, people need to be entertained. People need to feel some sort of 'normalness' going on.

"We're gonna do it. I'm gonna get this thing done. I'm gonna figure this thing out. And I will make sure that everyone involved is safe."

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